Project Management

Agile By Nature

Gone are the days when all the software requirements were gathered initially and then the final product was delivered after a long duration of development. In today’s fast paced world, the requirements change very frequently and hence your vision about your product details would change by the time it is finally delivered. We at TechoSquare Solutions understand it well and hence we keep you as a team member closely involved during the development and using the latest technologies and Agile Methodology we try our best to be able to accommodate as much change requirements as possible. And we are happy with that because our ultimate target is well aligned with yours, A Successful Product.

Requirement Gathering

In this phase we gather basic requirements to align our vision about the product with yours. We put a lot of questions in this phase and need a good availability of client for faster replies. This helps us understand your vision better and also makes the client to re-evaluate their ideas in several cases which is good in favor of a better product. A detailed requirement document can be at this stage.

Initial Demo Setup

We believe in setting up initial demo within 2 weeks, normally sooner than that. Though it’s a bare basic setup with hardly anything useful but it is a platform to keep you updated with the progress we are making and a base for continuous integration and continuous deployment for us.

Continuous Deployment

Then we keep updating this demo with all our latest updates almost every week. That way you are continuously updated what we are cooking and provide your feedback in the earliest possible stage. That enables us to accommodate as much change requests as possible with no or minimum effect on budget.

Behavioural Development Progress

We try to make the system stable and usable with minimum features as soon as possible. That enables you to start testing the market, pitching your investors and keeping all the stakeholders on the same page in least possible duration. Then we keep adding features on it one by one and the product gets the great expected shape gradually as you keep involved in each and every stage. This way you can decide to add or exclude any of the features based on time frame available and budget.

Reliable Delivery Process for Production

Once you decide to go for production and further development is continued, your production setup is very much safe with our reliable delivery process. We have a development environment where our team develops. From there, the updates are pushed to a staging environment. You may choose to have your own staging environment or if you wish to save on that infrastructure cost, we provide a production alike staging environment on our owned servers for no extra cost.

Clients as well as our team test on that staging environment and once it passes through the testing, it is pushed to the production environment by our automated scripts to have zero downtime and near to zero probability of any issues in production.