Ecommerce application development case study

Ecommerce features & payment gateways deployment

Client Overview

A web based consultancy services business in astrology domain with over 200k visitors every month. Rich with DIY tools & self-help content, the client is one of the fastest growing platforms in spirituality domain.

Requirements & Goals

Client consulted Techosquare for site-wide enhancements that included a new responsive design, simplified maintenance, cart integration, multiple payment gateways, coupons systems, order management, upselling, and emails management. In short, Techosquare was entrusted with task of developing and deploying a robust, reliable, and scalable web application.

Technologies Deployed

Our Recommendations

Technology Harmony

Complete website overhaul with all the current features using PHP MySQL to correct complexities brought by using multiple technologies.

New Features

Building & integrating e-commerce features, user & profile management, multiple payment gateways, coupons management, orders management, and much more.

APIs & Enhancements

Reliable API deployment to handle vast array of services and optimizing critical processes from conversion point of view. Performance with improved experience given due importance.

Ecommerce Development Results

Engaging UX focused mobile & desktop design that completely elevated the overall website experience. Thanks to sturdy base system, future development and extensions will be painless.

Enhanced website performance due to streamlined order placement flows and major cutback on operational costs. Comprehensive backend also means an easy-to-manage solution.

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