Why Techosquare

Truly Agile

We understand that in today's dynamic world you cannot have all the requirements and planning in hand before starting the development. If you start very detailed planning, the circumstances and hence the requirements will change by the time you finish all the planning and documentation. Or as the system starts coming in shape, you may have more ideas. We are very much open to adapt those. So, while working with TechoSquare Solutions, you are a member of development team. You get very frequent updates about the progress and you can check the latest alpha builds any time. We together can change the priorities of any of the points any time.


A lot of businesses fail because their technical solution is not able to scale with business growth. In UAT those seem to be working fine. But as the business grows and hence data and traffic, they start crashing in those peak business times. Vertical scaling can tackle the problem upto some extent only. Our experienced team keeps scalability in mind and our solutions are well scalable vertically as well as horizontally.


According to statistics, 94% of applications on web are vulnerable with high-severity. We at TechoSquare understand the importance of security very well and take care of the same since very beginning. And that is why we recommend you to get your application tested against security and penetration from any third party agency of your choice.

Performance Optimized

As traffic and data on an application increases, maintaining a good loading speed becomes a challenge. Increasing hardware resources can help upto some extent but still with limitations. To handle those cases, the application has to be well optimized. TechoSquare Solutions team understand it well and keep the code well optimized since starting.