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Global ecommerce will reach $5 trillion by 2021, and capitalizing on its supersonic growth will require a powerful ecommerce platform. That’s precisely why we built SwiftKart. Our powerful ecommerce store launcher is the result of ecommerce insights gathered over a decade. Built by an experienced team of designers, developers, and analysts, SwiftKart packs cutting-edge features and capabilities widely sought by entrepreneurs building & running online shops. In short, we have built a solution that guarantees ecommerce success!

Ecommerce store launcher features

SwiftKart is built with the vision of empowering e-commerce entrepreneurs through capabilities that aren’t promised by existing online store builders. While there are hundreds of ecommerce store capabilities we can talk about, below are the features that make SwiftKart one of the most dynamic ecommerce marketplace builders in the market:

Responsive design

SwiftKart was built to deliver unforgettable shopping experiences on mobile devices. Since mobile devices have long outpaced desktops in terms of usage and growth, we made sure our online store builder delivers a fluid design that makes browsing effortless on all devices & screen sizes.

Multi-vendor capabilities

Whether you want to sell your own products or host hundreds of vendors to sell theirs, everything is possible with SwiftKart. Our radical e-commerce marketplace software packs multi-seller features using which store owners can host multiple sellers & greatly multiply profits.


Google visibility is critical to generate store traffic and grow sales numbers. This is why we have paid special attention to all the major SEO parameters while building SwiftKart. From Meta details to custom URLs, we have given all the SEO power in your hands.

Multi lingual

Language is not a barrier to SwiftKart. Our ecommerce website software has been integrated with multilingual capabilities which give store owners the freedom to cater to different audience groups in their favorite language. Perfect for online stores operating in diverse geographical regions.

Product comparison

Shoppers buying gadgets, smartphones, hardware equipment, and other feature-rich products benefit greatly from product comparison functionality. This is the reason why we took the time to build & integrate this high-value feature in our online store builder.

100% scalable

Scalability is something most entrepreneurs who kickstart their stores using SaaS solutions struggle with. We removed this growth obstacle with SwiftKart. Whether you want to add new features or tweak existing ones, everything is possible with our ecommerce website launcher!

SwiftKart packs many such fascinating ecommerce features

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Coded with love on best ecommerce technologies

SwiftKart is the brainchild of TechoSquare, the leading ecommerce development company of India. That’s why the best ecommerce technologies and frameworks were deployed to develop the online store website builder. From security to scalability and design to performance, everything was taken into consideration while crafting the software. Have a look at technologies that played a crucial role in building SwiftKart:

Multivendor ecommerce website packages & prices

A lot of ecommerce startups exhaust most of their budget in the online store development phase and hence are left with nothing to market and scale. This is something we don’t want our clients to go through. SwiftKart is extremely affordable and brings cutting-edge capabilities at really competitive pricing. Have a look at the ecommerce packages that can fit every budget:

Launch Swift

  • Default Design (Customizable Bootstrap)
  • Responsive to different screen sizes
  • Self Hosted
  • Owned License
  • No Recurring charges or Payment Processing Charges
  • Free Installation

Launch Advanced

  • Customized Bootstrap Design
  • Upto 200 Hrs of Customization (Design, Functionality, Data Migration)
  • Prioritized Support
  • Responsive to different screen sizes
  • Self Hosted
  • Owned License
  • No Recurring charges or Payment Processing Charges
  • Free Installation

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Free installation, support, and more

SwiftKart wants to be the game-changer in building futuristic ecommerce stores and help dynamic entrepreneurs launch the next Amazon. That’s why we are willing to lend every kind of support to help them succeed. Our team of developers will provide free installation, technical support, and strategic advice to make sure that you have everything you need to grow your ecommerce business.

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