5G Impact on Mobile App Development: Quick Insights

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5G Impact on Mobile App Development: Quick Insights

  • February 13, 2023
  • February 13, 2023

The internet has touched almost every field of work and everyday life. Since the 1980s, technology and the internet have come a long way. Since its arrival in 2019, 5G is becoming more and more common. While some believed it was just the upgraded version of 4G, an entirely new network infrastructure was launched to improve the functionality of mobile apps.

Since the faster internet upgrade is changing the web and app landscape, Techosquare - a leading mobile app development company in India - decided to help businesses and entrepreneurs understand the true impact of 5G technology on mobile app development.

Let’s start!


What’s 5G all about? 

Do you know it is estimated that 5G connections will reach 1.4 billion by 2025? The 5G technology will allow faster downloads and faster sharing as compared to the 4G network. It has received a tremendous response since its launch in 2019. 

Without learning about the top features of the 5G technology, it is hard to make sense of its game-changing nature. So, let’s get familiar with the top features of the 5G network


Features of 5G network

Below features of the 5G technology will help you better understand how it will change millions of lives:



It is estimated that the 5G technology is around 100 times faster than the 4G. The 5G network can deliver a maximum of 3 Gigabits per second. It will help users save a lot of time and improve the app's usability, not to mention apps will perform at lightning pace.



Do you know the 4G network supports approximately 2000 connections per 0.38 square miles? Seems quite a lot, right? Well, 5G network supports around 1 million connected devices per 0.38 square miles. The increased connection density improves app functionality massively!



The 5G technology helps in reducing delays and network interference. The 4G network has an average latency of 50 milliseconds and the 5G network has managed to reduce the latency to 1 millisecond. It is because the 5G network comes with Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC).




The 5G technology is specially designed to perform across a wide array of bands to offer better connectivity. It will increase the radio frequency from 30 GHZ to 300 GHZ range. That’s pretty big in terms of app performance.


Impact of 5G on mobile app development

The below insights will help you understand how 5G technology has impacted the world of web and mobile app development:


Better video streaming

The 5G technology is delivering better user experience compared to the 4G network. It allows users to watch videos and consume content in ultra HD and high resolution. 


Seamless IoT

The 5G technology has greatly improved the performance of IoT linked devices and mobile applications. It has given businesses the opportunity to experiment with more capabilities without worrying about interruptions triggered by a weak internet connection. 


Fast transfer

No more worrying about slow data transfer and lags! 5G technology has made the transfer of files easier and faster. Even big audio, video, and media files will go through without a hiccup.



Inquire about app development

We hope that the above blog helped you learn about the impact of 5G technology on mobile app development. Planning to launch your mobile app in 2023? Make sure it's 5G technology friendly and brings the best capabilities. This will be possible only if you partner with an experienced team of web and mobile app developers. 

Have queries to ask? Drop them in the comments or email us at info@techosquare.com to get a quick reply from our team of mobile app development experts.


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