Why Does Your Ecommerce Store Need an App?

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Why Does Your Ecommerce Store Need an App?

  • August 18, 2022
  • August 18, 2022

According to recent research by Salescycle, approximately 57% of the online sales in 2021 were generated through a smartphone. Additionally, the global online e-commerce traffic on mobile is 2.47 higher than on desktop. 


With unprecedented growth witnessed in the e-commerce industry, thousands of e-commerce business owners have noticed the change and have already adapted to this new app trend. However, a lot of them still hesitate to put money into mobile app development for their e-commerce store. That’s why Techosquare decided to create a knowledgeable resource.


In this blog, Techosquare - a leading web app development company in India - will describe the reasons why you need an app for the e-commerce store. Even if you are completely new to the tech world, our guide will help you understand the importance of mobile applications in 2022.

Let’s begin!

App for an e-commerce store in 2022

app for an e-commerce store

M-commerce is the latest trend

Shopping through a mobile app is growing at a rate of 54% year-over-year which is the highest rate when compared to any other app category. This exciting statistic on m-commerce solely has convinced thousands of entrepreneurs to build an app for their e-commerce stores. 

Additionally, web development experts also believe that the best way to win the e-commerce industry is to get its share of the pie with mobile app development. 

Access to phone-native features

The integration of phone-native features like GPS and camera in mobile applications is slowly transforming the user experience in m-commerce. Interactive shopping using augmented and virtual reality is an app-only feature. Thousands of brands like Nike, IKEA, and Lenskrt are already making the most out of this e-commerce app trend. 

Moreover, these apps can be used without an internet connection, resulting in an on-the-go shopping experience for the users.

app for an e-commerce store

Enhanced user experience

Modern-day customers demand a personalized experience through their journey with the brand. This can’t be achieved using only the website as a channel to deal with customers. Eliminating every time login process, the mobile applications have enhanced the customer experience by allowing users to store their user information once they sigh-in. 

Also, mobile applications allow the users to switch between the different tabs, making navigation easier as compared to an e-commerce website.

Mobile as a marketing channel

Gone were the days when businesses prefer roadside banners, newspapers, and emails to create an influence on the customers. Presently, maximum customers spend hours on their mobile phones bringing opportunities for brands to attract customers' attention.  Here are the ways you can boost customer loyalty with an m-commerce app:

  • Use push notifications to communicate with customers.
  • Establish 24/7 customer support by using live chat or chatbots.

These are the ways to boost customers’ loyalty with mobile e-commerce apps. Wondering, what is the cost of mobile e-commerce app development?

Cost of mobile e-commerce app development

The cost of developing an android or iOS e-commerce app for your business can cost you anywhere between $20,000 to $100,000. The overall development cost of the m-commerce app also depends on the location of your app development team and their expertise. 

The hourly cost of app development in countries like the USA and Canada is $50-150. Whereas the development cost in a country like India is $25-100.


app for an e-commerce store


App for e-commerce store: Endnotes

 While the above are critical insights on why you need a mobile app for an e-commerce store, success in this industry can’t be accomplished without a talented team of developers and designers. That’s why we recommend choosing an app development company in India that deeply understands the principles and process of app development and has the expertise to deliver on all aspects.

Techosquare — a leading mobile app development company in India —  has been using the latest web development technologies to build web apps, corporate websites, database solutions, and mobile applications.  Check out this web application development case study 


Still, got any queries to ask? Send them to info@techosquare.com and have them answered by our experts.

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