Best multivendor store builders of 2023

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Best multivendor store builders of 2023

  • September 17, 2020
  • November 4, 2022

Note: This blog on best multi-vendor store builders has been updated for 2023 with the latest business insights. Happy reading!

A lot of business owners and e-commerce are aiming for multi-vendor stores in 2023 to generate higher profits. Thanks to multi-seller marketplace software, it is super easy to launch a powerful megastore without any hassle. 

Since there are many multivendor e-commerce store development platforms in the market, it has become difficult for business owners to select the best one. To help them out, we have picked up the most popular multi-seller store launchers in this post

Below are the most promising multivendor store launchers of 2023: 


SwiftKart is a self-hosted, scalable, and secure multivendor marketplace launcher that delivers a modern e-commerce experience to shoppers. This e-commerce store software is perfect for startups that want to start with core features and keep the flexibility of adding capabilities over the passage of time.

With SwiftKart, you can grab the attention of diverse audiences, thanks to its multilingual capabilities. With its SEO-friendly built and responsive design, it's easy to hit sales and growth numbers. Under a special limited-period discount, Swiftkart can be yours at only $499. 

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Volusion is a multivendor marketplace launcher that lets you set up an online store with decent multi-seller capabilities. This multivendor solution has a lot of useful features such as modern design, SEO tools, and a discount module to improve business visibility and sales.  

The biggest disadvantage of Volusion is that it has sales limits on each of its plans. Means, you end up paying a lot in the long run.

multi vendor store software


When it comes to building a multivendor store with a huge database, OsCommerce is considered as a good choice. A self-hosted e-commerce management solution, it can be installed on websites with MySQL and PHP functions. 

Despite having a dated interface and complex functionality, this multivendor store launcher is still considered the best for those who know how to code. 


A multivendor store launcher that gives you the ability to integrate a multi-seller shop into your existing website. Packed with essential e-commerce features, it is easy to install and use. However, SimpleCart is not an open-source e-commerce software and requires deep technical know-how to operate.   


Bigcommerce has been helping entrepreneurs start online stores for a long time and has secured its place as a prominent multivendor store launcher.  Built around the idea of creating an online store without coding, it provides all the necessary tools at an extremely affordable price. Its multi-seller interface however isn't and not as scalable as Swiftkart.   

Above are some of the most popular multivendor store launchers for 2023. Before making a purchase, make sure that your multi-seller e-commerce platform promises:

  • Scalability 
  • Security
  • One-time fee 
  • Seamless support

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