4 ecommerce website builders with cheapest packages

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4 ecommerce website builders with cheapest packages

  • March 16, 2021
  • March 16, 2021

Gone are the times when you needed at least US$5,000 to build a fully functional e-commerce website. Nowadays, a lot of e-commerce website builders let you unlock online selling possibilities with a small monthly or one-time investment. 

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Since millions of aspiring entrepreneurs have no idea about them, we decided to help. In this blog, Techosquare will tell you about the 4 e-commerce website builders with the most affordable packages. 

Cheapest e-commerce website builders of 2021

Without further ado, here are the most budget-friendly eCommerce website builders of 2021: 

#1 SwiftKart 

SwiftKart is an emerging e-commerce website builder that promises scalability, modern technology, and cutting-edge features at a one-time cost. It is also an ideal online store builder for business owners who seek high security, mobile-friendliness, and multivendor features from their online store. 

Since SwiftKart is a self-hosted turnkey solution, store owners get the best of both worlds. This e-commerce website builder delivers a responsive online store at a starting price of US$499 only. 

Learn more about SwiftKart, a game-changing e-commerce marketplace software

#2 Shopify 

If you want to launch a simple e-commerce store but have a very low budget, then, Shopify is a perfect option for you. It lets you build and launch online stores in a very short timespan. Shopify has hundreds of pre-made templates for different industries to work with. however, most of them are premium (you have to pay in order to gain access to them).

Also, you have to pay monthly for website upkeep, plugins, and special features. This could be troublesome for business owners who want to spend less in the long run. Shopify's cheapest e-commerce website plan costs only US$29. 

#3 Wix 

Another cheap e-commerce website builder to launch a website quickly. Wix lets you build modern and elegant-looking online stores. With an annual basic business plan of US$500 (excluding taxes), Wix lets you have a versatile, responsive, and pixel-perfect online store that comes suitable for all browsers and devices. 

However, SEO is a pain in the neck with this e-commerce website builder. Also, you can’t move your online store to any other platform! A major drawback if you ask us. 

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#4 Weebly

How could we not tell you about this cheap e-commerce website builder? Weebly is a good e-commerce store development platform that lets you get started quickly. Unlike Wix, SEO settings are easy to implement and update in Weebly.

Some formatting and placement options are not customizable in Weebly and the same could be frustrating to some business owners. If scalability is big for you, then, Weebly probably isn't the best pick. 

Launch your e-commerce website today

Above are the 4 best yet cheapest online shop builders of 2021. These online marketplace platforms pack tons of powerful e-commerce features critical to sell and grow online. 

However, if you ask us to pick one from the above, we would recommend going for SwiftKart since it offers core online store features, airtight security, multilingual capabilities, multivendor features, and scalability as well. 

Not sure what multivendor is all about? Read about multi-vendor marketplace business model and features  

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