7 Ecommerce Store Problems to Avoid

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7 Ecommerce Store Problems to Avoid

  • April 27, 2021
  • April 27, 2021

E-commerce store owners come across tons of growth-related problems and challenges every year. While a lot of them are hard to resolve, online store-related issues can be resolved if you know what's wrong. That’s why we decided to create this post and introduce entrepreneurs to common e-commerce store problems.

Read on and discover problems to avoid in your e-commerce store:

Ecommerce problems to avoid

Un-responsive design

Your sales greatly depend on the design of your e-commerce store. Make sure your e-commerce store has a responsive design to improve user experience on devices with small screens. Google also ranking preference to websites that have responsive design! So, if you don't have a responsive design, get it right away!

SEO blunders

Bad SEO can stop your website from ranking on Google for relevant searches. Make sure that the e-commerce store has a Google-friendly structure. Avoid duplication of the content to avoid manual action from Google. Get the on-page 100% right to get maximum benefits! 

online shop blunders

Complications in cart

Some e-commerce stores make it hard for shoppers to add and remove items from their shopping cart. Don't do that! Make it super easy for your customers to add items to the cart for buying later as well. All this counts in user experience and improves conversions. 

Dull product descriptions

A lot of online store owners don't dedicate much effort to writing enticing product descriptions. That's a big online store blunder! Keep the product descriptions informative and also add keywords to make them SEO-friendly. Add benefits and uses of your products in the description as well.

Hidden charges

If you are charging extra on shipping and return, make sure you are not hiding charges from your customers. Make sure every payment charge is visible to your potential customers from the very beginning so that there are no surprises in the end. Fix this e-commerce problem if you don't want abandoned carts!

Wrong tech

Building your e-commerce store on a capped technology means coming across scalability issues later on. Always build your online store on flexible online store builders like Swiftkart to get a perfect future-ready e-commerce store.

Below are the major highlights of Swiftkart:

Multi-vendor capabilities



100% scaleable

Check out the online shop launcher for more insights. 

online shop software

Weak performance

Modern web users expect the websites to open in less than 4 seconds. In case your online store is not loading quickly, it may be losing purchase-ready customers. Optimize your online store for better performance and retain hard-earned traffic.  

Ecommerce store problems

The above insights will help you learn what problems to avoid in your e-commerce store. Need help to launch or scale your online shop? Email us at info@techosquare.com to connect with the top team of e-commerce designers and programmers.  

If you are building an online store for the first time, then, we highly recommend checking out these online store FAQs as well.

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