10 Best Ecommerce Website Practices: 2023 Edition

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10 Best Ecommerce Website Practices: 2023 Edition

  • February 22, 2022
  • November 4, 2022

Note: This blog on best e-commerce website practices has been updated for 2023 with the latest data insights. Happy reading!


In 2023, an e-commerce website needs a sturdy design and stellar performance to impress visitors. That’s because people are more aware than ever before and their expectations in terms of the shopping experience are really high. That’s why Techosquare – a leading web development company in India – decided to share the best e-commerce website practices of 2023 to elevate the overall experience of your online store.


 In this blog, Techosquare will share the 10 e-commerce website best practices to launch groundbreaking e-commerce websites that push sales and engagement. Let’s start with the first tip of our e-commerce website best practices.


 ecommerce best practices


 Advanced product search

People often make mistakes in typing brand or product names, while at the same time they expect to see relevant results. Hence, it is important to strengthen your search box algorithms. Embed advanced product search features in your e-commerce store. Make it super easy to search for relevant products.


SEO optimized platform


Search engine optimization is low-hanging fruit for e-commerce websites and is the most important aspect to make sales online. Hence, it is important to have an SEO-friendly e-commerce store.  Focus on industry-focused keywords, link building, and content marketing to make your e-commerce store SEO-friendly. 


Product filtering


Finding a product that fits your budget, size, and many other specifications can be a tedious task with an e-commerce store that packs thousands of products. This is where product filtering and sorting features come in handy. Since it allows customers to save time, this should be part of your e-commerce store's best practice.


ecommerce best practices


Trust signals


Even though e-commerce shopping has grown humongous in the last decade, first-time shoppers still hesitate when it comes to making payments online. This is where trust signals come into action. Offering safe payment options, security certifications, and data protection seals during the checkout process greatly eases shoppers’ worries.




Your website can be the Rolls-Royce of online stores but without the right hosting plan, setup, management, and CDN infrastructure, it will lag behind others and face performance issues. So, infrastructure is really crucial to bring out the best from your e-commerce website. 


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 Multiple payment options


Different customers have different priorities. While some go for net banking or UPI payment options, others stick to the regular debit card payment options. Hence, an e-commerce store that packs most of them brings ease of shopping for customers and bigger sales for store owners. 


Prominent call-to-action buttons


Sales critical buttons like Add to Cart and Buy Now ought to be designed the right way for obvious reasons. Using bigger button sizes, positive colors like green and easy-to-understand labeling will greatly help in improving sales. Ace design and copywriting talent will help you master this!


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Adding a Wishlist to your online store is a must. It will help your customers create a list of desired products that can be purchased in the future. Discounts and special offers can also be planned around products in Wishlist to encourage purchase!


While above were the best e-commerce website practices to build a steller online store. These practices can’t be accomplished without the right e-commerce builder. That’s why we recommend choosing an online store builder that deeply understands the principles and strategies of an e-commerce store.


e-commerce store online 


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