Features for Europe based online stores

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Features for Europe based online stores

  • August 19, 2020
  • August 19, 2020

A report from Ecommerce News Europe states that online sales in the EU region grew to 621 billion euros in 2019 and are all set to be worth 717 billion euros in 2020. That said, not all e-commerce stores active in Europe are maximizing sales and profits. In this post, we will list out e-commerce store features that will help you grow in the European region. 

Features for European e-commerce store

Whether you are building a custom online store or using a SaaS solution, these e-commerce features are critical for sales and growth in the European region: 

  • Multilingual capabilities: If you want to tap multiple European countries, multi-lingual capabilities are a must. 
  • European style ethos: Make European design and style ethos part of your overall store personality.   
  • Diverse imagery: Europe is a diverse region and hence your online store should reflect that in every way it can. 
  • Airtight security: Europeans are highly conscious of their personal information and hence sturdy online security capabilities are a must.   
  • Customer-tailored experience: Deliver tailored experience to different shopper groups.   
  • Conversion optimized checkout: Make conversions easier by integrating a fast checkout process.  
  • Multivendor capabilities: Onboard multiple sellers through multi-seller capabilities to grow faster.  
  • User reviews: Transparency means a lot to Europeans and hence a powerful reviews module should be part of your online store. 

Above are 8 features integrated are helping entrepreneurs dominate the European e-commerce marketplace. Very few e-commerce store development platforms have the capability to deliver all the above-listed e-commerce store features. SwiftKart packs.   

SwiftKart is one of the few online store launchers that have the flexibility to deliver all the above at rock-bottom costs. 

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