Figma VS Sketch: Which is Better UI Design Tool in 2023?

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Figma VS Sketch: Which is Better UI Design Tool in 2023?

  • April 27, 2023
  • April 27, 2023

It is really important to choose the right design tool to improve workflow and productivity for web designers. While Figma and Sketch are the two most popular UI design tools in the market, both have their own differences. Most designers, especially new ones, are not aware of them. 

In this post, Techosquare - a leading provider of mobile app development services in India - will document the differences between Figma and Sketch. We are certain that by end, you'll be able to pick the best option for your web design projects. 

Let’s go!


Figma VS Sketch: Which is Better?

These 5 differences will help you pick out the best option between Figma vs Sketch: 



Sketch is a desktop app that only runs exclusively on macOS. Meaning, UI designers who use other operating systems such as Windows or Linux have no access to this tool. Figma, on contrary, is a web-based tool that can work on any operating system having web browsers. 

It also allows for seamless collaboration with other team members using different operating systems, making it a more versatile option for UI design. 

Figma vs sketch


Sketch doesn’t have any in-built collaboration feature to share the file with other team members. Web designers have to use third-party tools for collaboration. Now that’s not an issue with Figma. Multiple designers can work on a single file at the same time. In fact, they can see the changes made by other team members in real-time.



When it comes to cost, Sketch is known to charge UI designers $9 a month for its standard package and $20 a month for its business package with an annual billing cycle. You can cancel your plan at any time. 

Figma provides a free plan, allowing designers to work on up to 3 design files and 3 FigJam files. However, they have to upgrade to a paid plan starting at $12 per edit per month once they exceed the limit or require additional features. 

The organization package of this UI design tool is available at a cost of $45 per edit per month with a yearly billing cycle. 



Another important aspect of our Sketch vs Figma comparison guide. Sketch doesn’t have any in-built prototyping feature. Designers have to use third-party tools such as InVision or Marvel for creating prototypes. Figma allows designers to create prototypes. It let them test their design and share it with clients for feedback before proceeding with the development process.

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Auto Layout

Figma has an auto layout feature that allows for easy and efficient creation of responsive designs. It automatically adjusts elements based on screen size, saving a lot of time and effort in comparison to manually adjusting the button’s size and position for different devices. Sketch also has a similar feature but it is not as advanced as Figma’s.

Figma vs sketch

Figma vs Sketch: Final Thoughts

Above are 5 differences between Figma vs Sketch. There is no better or worse UI design tool between Figma and Sketch. Both are continuously being developed and catching up with each other. Based on your needs, you may find one more favorable than the other for your website project. 

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