Differences Between Freelancer and Independent Web Development Contractor

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Differences Between Freelancer and Independent Web Development Contractor

  • April 15, 2022
  • April 15, 2022

Freelance and gig industry is on the rise. In the field of web design and development too, there is a growing demand for freelancers and contractors. However, a lot of managers are not familiar with the difference between a freelancer and an independent contractor. 

 That’s why Techosquare – a leading PHP development company in India – decided to share how a freelancer is different from an independent contractor. Let’s start by understanding what is the difference between freelancer and independent contractor. 


independent contractor vs freelancer


Independent contractors vs. freelance developers


Freelance developers are self employed individuals who are associated with multiple companies or clients. Freelancers operate on their own while offering specialized skills and services. They are not committed to a long term employment contract with the organization or an agency. 

Additionally, freelance programmers are more likely to be hired to do a certain job or work on a specific project and are usually paid on hourly basis. 


An independent web development contractor on the other hand, is an external employee who may or may not be self-employed. They are highly skilled web development professionals who provide niche services, and work for themselves rather than for an agency. Additionally, they report to managers of the hired agencies and receive regular payments from them.


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Contract period


Freelance designers and developers are usually hired for a short period. They don’t not devote all of the work hours to a single company or agency. Long story short, a freelancer usually works for multiple companies or clients at a time.

Independent web development contractors are hired on a contract basis that typically ranges between a few months to a year. However, independent contractors are often hired full-time later on. Independent contractors normally devote all their work hours to a single client for the entire duration of the contract.


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While above are the major differences between independent contractor and freelancer, huge workflow can’t be accomplished if you are hiring an independent contractor or a freelancer. That’s why we recommend choosing a web development company in India that deeply understands the principles and process of web development and has the expertise to deliver on all the aspects. 


difference between freelancer and contractor


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