Graphic Design vs. Web Design: 6 Differences

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Graphic Design vs. Web Design: 6 Differences

  • November 14, 2022
  • November 14, 2022

Most people think that graphic designers and web designers are the same and do the same job but in reality, both are different and possess a different sets of skills. We decided to create this post to help people learn about the difference between graphic design and web design.


In this post, Techosquare - a leading website design company in India - will share the 6 key differences between graphic design and web design.

For those who are not sure about the meaning of graphic design and website design, let’s learn about their meaning first!


Graphic design: Meaning


In simple words, graphic design refers to the practice of producing visual content (graphics and media to be precise) to share a specific message or serve a business goal. 


Graphic designers work with tools like Photoshop and Canva to create graphics and design elements that convey the core message of the event, product, business, media, or service.


Web design: Meaning


Web design deals with the customer-facing side of the website, and includes the design of user interfaces on desktop and mobile. Common web design tasks include landing pages, overall design, web pages, website testing, website performance, and support.


Now that you have an idea about the meaning of graphic design and website design, let’s learn about the five differences between graphic design and website design.


Graphic design & website design: 5 differences


Below are the 6 key differences between graphic design and website design.


Technical skills: The technical skill level of graphic designers and website designers are different. An average web designer is familiar with a variety of design technologies (CSS, Figma, HTML, etc.) to support website design and development. A graphic designer doesn’t need to master multiple technologies. 


Creativity: Creativity is a must-have for the graphic designer. For web designers, creativity comes in handy but technical expertise is much more valuable. Graphic design is mainly the result of creative labor committed with an eye on shared guidelines. Web design however requires much more.  


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Web designs are interactive: Most graphic designs are not interactive. It is not possible to change or tweak it unless it's animated. The experience is mainly visual. Website design allows users to interact and perform specific functions. 


Size of file: Pixels and graphic size are very crucial when it comes to graphic design. The size of website graphics and other media require different pixels to properly display on screens. On other hand, website designers have to focus on the website loading speed and file size to make sure the website runs properly on every device.

Relation time period: The work of a designer is not done after completing the web design. The website requires regular maintenance and updates to function properly. Graphic design on the other hand doesn’t need maintenance unless changes are requested to the original design. 


Technology in question: Both web design and graphic design are powered by different technologies. Graphic designers use software like Canva, Photoshop, and Adobe. Web designers work with unique design and development technologies like WordPress, Wix, HTML, PHP, and Figma to create functional websites.


Web design vs. graphic design: Final Thoughts


We hope that the above post helped you learn about the major differences between web design and graphic design. Also, learn about our web app development services in India to save big on web app development costs.


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