Healthcare Mobile Application Development: Everything Discussed

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Healthcare Mobile Application Development: Everything Discussed

  • September 21, 2022
  • September 21, 2022

According to a recent survey, 56% of US physicians said that they have discussed an app or a digital program with a patient related to their diagnosis or treatment in the past year.

With unprecedented growth witnessed in mobile application development in 2021, thousands of physicians and healthcare institutes have noticed the change and have already adopted it. However, a lot of them still hesitate to put money into mobile app development for their healthcare institute. That’s why Techosquare decided to create a quick knowledge resource.

 In this blog, Techosquare - a leading mobile app and web app development company in India - will describe everything you need to know about healthcare mobile application development. Even if you are entirely new to the mobile application world, our guide will help you understand the importance of healthcare mobile application development in 2022.

Let’s first understand what is healthcare app development.

Healthcare mobile application development

Healthcare application development is the process of building a healthcare app to help patients book appointments, access health reports, and consult doctors in case of emergency. These mobile applications are making healthcare more accessible and also affordable. 

Now, let’s move on to the process of healthcare mobile application development.

Building a healthcare mobile app

A medicare app for a clinic, doctor, and hospital will be different but there are some similarities in the app development process. Here are they: 

healthcare app development

Determine the targeted audience

Before developing a specialized healthcare mobile application, take steps to understand what your typical patient is and why they need it. Deeply analyzing your target audience will help you develop a prominent healthcare and consulting solution in the form of a healthcare mobile application in 2022. 

Knowing your target audience will greatly help you decide what feature you need to invest in for your hospital or clinic mobile application development. 

Choose platform

The next step for healthcare mobile application development is selecting a platform for your mobile application. Below are the two popular app platforms you can choose for your medicare mobile app:

Native app: These are applications based on mobile operating systems like Android or iOS. These need to be downloaded from the respective app stores. 

Hybrid app: These applications bring the best of both native apps and web apps. They also eliminate the need to develop a dedicated app for unique operating systems. 

Invest in features

As we said, mobile app features will differ for a doctor, clinic, and multi-speciality hospital. In the quest to develop an all-around healthcare mobile application in 2022, we need to consider the following features:

Registration:  This feature should allow patients to register easily through their email addresses or phone number.

Scheduling appointment: This feature will allow the patient to fill in their details and book appointments in advance.

Getting e-prescription: Investing in this feature will help patients to consult a doctor online and get the prescription without visiting their healthcare institute.

Ambulance access: Online ambulance access has become a major factor that has contributed to support patients in times of emergency.  That’s why it makes sense to invest in this feature for your healthcare mobile application development.

Virtual reports: Medical tests are a crucial part of modern healthcare and making the reports accessible through your mobile app will greatly help the patient. 

Cost of healthcare app development

The average cost of developing a standard healthcare mobile application in the US or Europe is between $15,000 to $100,000. However, the overall development cost of the healthcare mobile app depends on: 

  • App features 
  • Location of your app development team 
  • Industry experience of app developers
  • Project timeline 
  • Virtual doctor consulting capabilities 
  • Many other factors

The hourly cost of app development in countries like the USA and Canada is $50-150. Whereas the development cost in a country like India is $25-100.

healthcare mobile app development

Doctor mobile application development: Endnotes

 While the above are critical insights on healthcare mobile application development, success in this industry can’t be accomplished without a talented team of developers and designers. That’s why we recommend choosing an app development company that deeply understands the principles and process of doctor app development and has the expertise to deliver on all aspects.

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