Javascript SEO and Best Practices for Websites: 2023 Edition

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Javascript SEO and Best Practices for Websites: 2023 Edition

  • January 11, 2023
  • January 11, 2023

JavaScript has become extremely popular in the e-commerce world because it helps front-end developers build websites with a seamless and user-friendly experience for shoppers. While it packs great functionality and capabilities for e-commerce store owners, it also brings its share of challenges. SEO is one of them.

Google is consistently investing time to bring improvement in its search engine and a big part of its effort is being dedicated to making sure crawlers can access JavaScript content. That’s why it becomes important for front-end developers to create SEO-friendly JavaScript-driven websites.

In this blog, Techosquare - a leading mobile app and web development company in India - will describe everything you need to know about JavaScript SEO for a website. Even if you are entirely new to the development world, our guide will help you understand JavaScript SEO best practices easily. 

Let’s first understand what is JavaScript SEO first!

javascript seo

What is a JavaScript SEO?

JavaScript SEO is a practice performed by developers and technical SEO specialists to optimize websites build with JavaScript for better visibility on search engines like Google. It’s primarily concerned with:

  • Optimizing JavaScript content for crawling, rendering, and indexing by search engines.
  • Improving page loading speed time by executing JS code. 

Now, let’s move on to the JavaScript SEO best practices.


JavaScript SEO best practices

JS for internal links

For those who don’t know, the crawl ability of a webpage JS is affected by links present on it. That’s why, rather than dynamically injecting content in Javascript, front-end developers need to link pages on the web pages. Google also discovers new web pages through crawling links it finds on the web pages. As a best JavaScript SEO practice, Google specifically recommends linking pages using anchor text.

On the other hand, Google also recommends developers that “pseudo links” don’t get crawled. Check out official Google guidelines to get additional insights!

JavaScript SEO for core content

The next best JS SEO practice is optimizing the core JavaScript content. Modern web pages are being built on JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue, allowing front-end developers to quickly build and scale web pages. However, the script, automatically built by these JavaScript frameworks has only a few inbuild script tags in the body of the web page. This results in not getting your webpage crawled by the search engine. 

Hence, to make the web page’s JavaScript more SEO-friendly, we recommend adding additional JavaScript tags. 

JavaScript SEO for lazy-loading images

JavaScript can also affect the crawl ability of the images that are lazy-loaded. Though Google favors lazy loading, it doesn't scroll through content when visiting a web page. It simply resizes the page’s virtual viewport, making it longer during the crawling process. And because the “scroll” event listener isn’t triggered, this content isn’t rendered. Thus if you host a lot of images like most e-commerce stores, it's critical to lazy load them, allowing Google to see all your content. 

javascript seo best practices

JavaScript SEO for website: Endnotes

While the above are critical insights you need to know about JavaScript SEO, success in executing JavaScript SEO can’t be accomplished without a talented team of front-end JS developers. That’s why we recommend choosing an web development company that deeply understands the basics of JavaScript SEO and has the expertise to deliver on all critical aspects.

Techosquare — a leading mobile app development company in India —  has been using the latest web development technologies to build wireframes for web apps, corporate websites, and mobile applications.  Check out this web application development case study 


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