Creating Mobile App Like Meesho For Resellers in 2023

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Creating Mobile App Like Meesho For Resellers in 2023

  • March 21, 2022
  • November 4, 2022

Note: This blog on creating a mobile app like Meesho has been updated with the latest data insights for 2023. Happy reading!

According to a report,  Meesho has raised approximately $215.2 million in total and achieved 50x growth in less than a decade. Being one of the best reseller mobile apps, Meesho has achieved unimaginable success and a barrage of milestones. The same has paved the way for many entrepreneurs to try their luck at setting up a mobile app like Meesho where they do not really need to create a full-blown eCommerce website.

 However, thousands of entrepreneurs failed to set up a clone Meesho app due to limited knowledge. That’s why Techosquare– a leading app and web development company in India— decided to share a quick guide for creating a mobile reseller app. Let’s start by understanding what a reseller app is:


 What is a reseller app?

 A reseller app is a place where individuals can start their business from home with zero investment and make profits by selling products to their contacts. This working model got a boost during the pandemic lockdown when most of the population started working from home. Now, let’s look at the important aspects to create a reseller app like Meesho

Analyze the market

Before getting into the development phase, it’s hypercritical to understand and analyze the market where you want to establish a reseller app. Make a quick list of competition in the space you are looking forward to entering. Most probably, you will face stiff competition from established players like Amazon. Having said that, you can make your reseller app a big success by deploying unique and stand-out features in your reseller app with a user-friendly design. 

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Define Product 

To create the best app for resellers, it’s important to recognize your niche. While the reseller app provides multiple types of products and brands for the resellers to sell. Below are the top products being used by resellers to sell in their connections:

  • Women essentials
  • Women clothing
  • Jewelry  & accessories
  • Footwears
  • Home & Kitchen 
  • Baby essentials
  • electronics

These are the most popular products being sold by resellers on the Meesho app. 

Cost to create a reseller app

The cost of developing a reseller mobile app depends of several fractures including:

  • Application design
  • Platform (iOS or Android)
  • App store registration cost
  • Annual app fee
  • Developer fee
  • App features

When it comes to rates charged by experienced reseller app developers, the minimum cost you can expect from developers in countries like the USA, UK is anywhere between 10,000 - 50,000 USD. However in countries like India where there is no dearth of talented app developers, the rate of app development will cost somewhere between 5000 to 25000 USD. 

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While above are the best tips to create a reseller app like Meesho. These practices can’t be accomplished without investing in the right app development technology. That’s why we recommend choosing an app development company in India that deeply understands the principles and strategies of  a web app. 

Build a reseller app with Techosquare

Techosquare— a leading web development agency in India—  has been using modern technologies like PHP, MySQL, and AngularJS to undertake comprehensive changes related to web apps, performance, and feature integration.  Read a case study on web application development by Techoosqquarre to deeply understand their strategic work. 

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