Mobile App vs. Website: Which is Better for Who?

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Mobile App vs. Website: Which is Better for Who?

  • May 17, 2022
  • May 17, 2022

Businesses planning to go online for sales often get confused between mobile apps and mobile websites. To the tech novices, mobile apps and websites look similar since they serve the same purpose. However, the difference between an app and a website is huge! 

The choice between a mobile app and a mobile website depends on budget, targeted audience, and required features. To help businesses choose between mobile apps and websites, Techosquare - a leading web development company in India - decided to create this post and share which is better for your business. 

First, let’s learn what mobile apps and mobile websites are.

Mobile apps: These are created for specific platforms like iOS and Android. To use a mobile app, the user has to download and install the app on a mobile phone. Hybrid apps however work on all operating systems. 

Mobile websites: Mobile websites are specially designed for mobile phones to ensure an optimal experience. Also known as responsive websites, they deliver a good experience on desktops as well. 

Which is better? Mobile app or website?

The below insights will help you learn about the difference between mobile apps and websites.

Immediacy: A mobile user can instantly use a website through a browser using an internet connection. But mobile apps require downloading and installing before viewing the content or application.


Customization: Mobile apps allow users to set up their preferences as per their needs after installing the app. Websites don’t allow users to make changes as changes are made from the backend by developers.


Availability: Websites can be accessed from any mobile device as long as the internet connection is available. Mobile apps only work on specific platforms such as Android or iOS. 


Offline ability: Users can access some app features without an internet connection. Website users however can’t access any content without an internet connection.


Shareability: Website URLs can be easily shared via a simple link on social media, text messages, Whatsapp, and many more. Apps don’t follow this type of sharing mechanism.


Speed: Well-designed apps work faster as compared to websites. Apps store data on mobile phones and websites using web servers. Storing data on mobile phones makes the apps faster. 


Time and cost: Mobile websites are less expensive and require less maintenance as compared to mobile apps. If you build a presence on different platforms for your app, it will increase the cost greatly.

The above insights will help you learn about the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website.

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