10 Modern Website Design Tips Every Business Should Consider in 2023

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10 Modern Website Design Tips Every Business Should Consider in 2023

  • December 19, 2022
  • December 19, 2022

There are over 1.9 billion active websites on the internet but not all of them have deployed modern website designs for their ventures. A lot of business owners are still using old-age web design practices. No wonder, they are struggling to convert traffic into sales and leads. In this blog, Techosquare - a leading modern website design company in India - will share the top 10 modern website design tips and ideas for businesses to undertake an upgrade.

Modern website design tips

Let’s start!

Modern website design tips

Below are the top 10 modern website design tips for businesses:

Be minimalistic

Minimalistic websites take less time to load compared to websites that are overloaded with graphics and content. Staying minimalistic will also make your website look more professional and easy

to navigate.

Animations & transitions

Everyone loves animations and transitions. Using industry-relevant effects with images, CTAs, and design elements will help you in making your website look neat while retaining professionalism.

Background videos

Video content has gained popularity in the past few years. If you have video content in the form of testimonials, team insights, and processes, use it on your website. Add videos as header backgrounds to tell your story in a better way. Feature videos on your major service/product pages instead of images.

Mobile-friendly layouts

More and more people are visiting websites on their smartphones. That’s why it is best to make the layouts of your website mobile-friendly. Run a quick test to see how your website design is performing on smaller screens. Use the Page Speed Insights tool for deeper insights.

Play with colors

Blue is considered one of the safest choices for websites and it is loved by the majority of business owners. However, stick with colors that are relevant to your business. Look at your logo for inspiration and collaborate with the designer for ideas.

Use font the right way

Many website owners don’t focus on font type as they think it is not important. But do you know the font type and size can also determine whether the reader will continue reading the content or not? Make sure you are using the right font type for your website. Your font family should match your brand identity.

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Website speed

In this modern era, web design is not only about improving the visual appeal of the website. The majority of users prefer websites that respond fast to commands as no one wants to spend time on a slow website. In short, amp up the speed!

Show social proof

Do you know websites showing reviews have more chance of getting business compared to websites without a testimonial page? Adding testimonials from real people to the product/service website also helps in reducing the bounce rate.

Make navigation easy

Allowing users to quickly access the most useful pages on your website is one of the best ways to make navigation easy. Always keep your focus groups in mind while planning navigation. Make it easy for users to differentiate the navigation and tabs from the main content.

Use real photos

For SMBs, professional photography can be a big difference maker. Team photos and product photos should have the human element. If you can’t go with that right now, using images from platforms like Unsplash.

Modern website design tips: Final words

We hope that the above post will help businesses learn about the top 10 modern website design tips for 2023. Hire affordable PHP developers in India if you are planning to build powerful PHP websites and web apps.

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