4 Best multi vendor ecommerce website examples

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4 Best multi vendor ecommerce website examples

  • December 29, 2020
  • December 29, 2020

In e-commerce, the past decade belonged to multivendor websites. While customers are happy because they get to choose from a huge selection of products from multiple vendors, vendors fell in love with the multi-seller concept because they get to sell more and broaden reach. 

If you are also planning to build a multivendor e-commerce website and need some inspiration regarding design and functionality, then this article has been written for you!

In this blog, TechoSquare will share the 4 best multi-vendor store examples that meet all the criteria of a good marketplace website.   

Let's start with the list! 

#1 eBay 

eBay is one of the best examples of a multi-vendor e-commerce store right now. Built with a nice design, it is a comprehensive online store that allows millions of users to sell products in one place. eBay is very well organized and extremely easy to navigate. The ability to checkout easily makes this store a good example for budding entrepreneurs to build multi-seller websites.  

#2 Newegg

Another highly popular multi-vendor e-commerce website! Newegg is an online B2C and B2B platform that allows sellers and shoppers to take advantage of its strong foothold in the electronics space. What makes the design of this marketplace special is its intuitive UX UI appeal. Its powerful vendor features are also laud-worthy.

multi vendor store examples  

#3 Kogan

Kogan has gained immense popularity in the Australian e-commerce market since 2006. just like major e-commerce marketplaces, it deals in almost everything you can think of. Despite having a homepage that shows the best deals, navigating through the website is a walk in the park.

Check out this multi seller website feature list for bonus insights.

#4 Amazon 

Amazon is hands down one of the best multi-vendor websites in e-commerce history. It lets millions of vendors easily set up their storefront and create product listings. Well-known for features like responsive design, multilingual capabilities, and airtight security, Amazon generates revenue by charging a commission of over 10% for each order processed by each vendor. 

multi seller store references

Above are the 4 best multi vendor online store examples that can serve as an inspiration for building your e-commerce store.

Need more inspiration? Cdiscount, FNAC, and Fishpond are other reputable online marketplaces that will give you a decent idea of features, design, and capabilities.  

Build your multi-seller store using SwiftKart 

Swiftkart is one of the few multi-seller store builders out there that bring the package of scalability, affordability, and responsiveness. Built by Techosquare, Swiftkart is a self-hosted e-commerce solution that delivers a powerful multi-vendor shop at a one-time fee of $499.   

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