Multivendor website features list

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Multivendor website features list

  • August 26, 2020
  • August 26, 2020

Multivendor websites are complex than regular online stores and attract a huge number of visitors on a daily basis. It also has more stakeholders in comparison to small online shops. That’s why they need more e-commerce store features and capabilities to hit the sales, traffic, and engagement targets.

In this e-commerce playbook post, we will list out the online store features that are critical for multivendor platforms.

Note: Some of these online store features can be found in smaller stores as well 

Product filtering and sorting: Finding a product that fits your size, color, price, and other tens of specifications can be tough on a mega-store. This’s why product filtering & sorting features are required. 

Powerful admin dashboard: A feature-rich admin dashboard makes it easy for store owners to manage product listings, partner vendors, reviews, and growth. Definitely a must-have multi-seller store feature.  

Powerful vendor dashboard: Vendors – also known as sellers – need a place to manage their listings, reviews, shipments, and everything else. This is why they need a sturdy vendor dashboard. 

Order management system: Since there are different stages of shipment, it is vital to have an order management module that keeps you updated at all times so that impeccable management and customer support is possible. 

SEO ready platform: From URL customization to Meta details, there should be a provision of everything SEO critical in your online store. This is critical to rank products on Google!

Customer dashboard:  This gives shoppers space to easily access Orders, Shopping History, Wishlist, Personal Information, and everything else critical to their overall experience. A weak customer dashboard means missed opportunities. 

Wishlist: This feature will help your customers create a list of desired products that can be purchased sometime in the future. A pretty valuable feature for multi-seller stores dealing in fashion and women-centric products. 

Language option: Businesses and sellers with international vision can benefit greatly from an e-commerce website with multilingual capabilities. If your store caters to a region with diverse language preferences, this multivendor store feature will greatly help generate sales.

online store multi-seller 

Loyalty programs: A loyalty program module uses the concept of reward points to keep shoppers hooked to your platform and return to redeem rewards. This feature is highly valuable for multi-seller online shops. Very few online store website builders bring this. 

Advertising module: Whether you want to push the latest products through in-store ads or want third party websites to advertise their offerings, everything is possible with a powerful advertising module. On-site advertising can also be a great source of revenue for multivendor shops. 

Compare products: Highly valuable for multi-seller stores dealing in electronics, gadgets, and hardware products, a powerful product comparison feature lets shoppers run multiple product comparisons & confirm purchase quickly.

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Inventory management: Inventory measurement & tracking is critical to make sure that correct product availability data goes on the website. Else, people will end up ordering products that are not in stock!

Backend activity tracker: Since there are a lot of stakeholders in multivendor stores, it is important to keep a track of who does what. This feature helps keep a timeline of major site changes. 

Data analytics: Once successful, multivendor stores bring a huge amount of data on sales, traffic, cart abandonment, location, demographics, and payments. Data Analytics helps make sense of all that data. 

Reward points:  Reward points & coupons are being used by big offline stores for many years now to make customers come back again and again. This feature helps build customer loyalty. 

Above are some of the most valuable multivendor store features. Check out our list of 70 e-commerce store features to discover more.   

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