Must-have online store features

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Must-have online store features

  • May 27, 2021
  • May 27, 2021

The first documented online transaction was made in 1994 and it was a music CD. Since then, online stores have come a long way. If you care about numbers, approximately 77% of men and 68% of women shop during lunch hour. However, not all online stores are making big money. Without the right online store features, it's hard to score sales and profits. 

Businesses often struggle while choosing online shop features since there are literally hundreds of them. That’s why we created this post to share the core features to run an online store successfully. 

Must-have online store features

Below are the must-have features for any online store: 

Good design

Online stores with complicated design and shopping processes often face low sales. Online stores with practical design attract more customers since it's easy for visitors to browse and buy. Make sure your online store scores high on usability!

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Store speed

Studies have proven that we love to visit online stores that load quickly. The longer your online store takes to load, the fewer people will remain to shop. So, spend time on PageInsightsand GT Matrix to identify performance issues.

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Mobile friendly

Approximately 80% of people using smartphones have made online purchases. This is why it's important to make your online store mobile-friendly to maximize sales. In addition to that, Google also ranks responsive online stores higher. 

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Payment gateways 

Payment gateways play a major role in allowing max store visitors to complete a purchase. Add a variety of payment methods to your online store to help buyers choose according to their comfort. Mobile wallets are a big hit with millennials and GenZ. So, don't forget them! 

User reviews

More than 75% of customers check online reviews before making an online purchase. That's why you must integrate the product review module in your online. This will greatly help shoppers build trust and encourage them to shop. 

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Great photos 

High-quality photos help potential customers examine the product carefully and make an informed decision.  Avoid using blur and low-quality photos. High-quality photos with the zoom-in feature are supercritical for the fashion, clothing, and jewelry business. 

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Social media integration

Social media has gained massive popularity in e-commerce in the past decade. Make it possible for people to share products on social media, messaging apps, and email. This will give free buzz to your online store! 

Choose the right store builder

Choosing the right store builder plays a major role in defining the present sales and future growth of your online store. Choose an online store builder like Swiftkart to get an SEO-friendly store with:

Mobile-friendly design

Multi-vendor capabilities

Multi-language options


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Must-have online store features

The above post lists out the most important e-commerce features to run an online store successfully. If you are planning to launch a massive online marketplace, then, you will need more than above. 

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