Start Online Hardware Store in 2023: Business Insights

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Start Online Hardware Store in 2023: Business Insights

  • March 4, 2021
  • November 4, 2022

Note: This blog on the hardware online store and business insights has been updated to include the latest stats and additional points. Happy reading!

Online hardware retail shops have been in business for centuries and they will keep being in business for much longer. These stores sell products like tools, equipment, electric supplies, furniture supplies, woodwork equipment, and interiors for residential as well as commercial spaces. However, businesses active in this niche have been slow in their digital transformation.  

In this blog, Techosquare will share a quick DIY guide to start a hardware store business online and will give a little touch-up about e-commerce website development costs as well. 

Online hardware market stats

The market size of the US online hardware industry (by revenue) is $12.5 billion. The market has been consistently growing over the last decade and is expected to grow once again in 2021 by 3.3%. COVID-19 also played a critical role in pushing the demand for hardware products since a lot of families undertook home renovations and DIY projects while being stuck at home. 

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So, starting an online hardware store business in 2023 is a lucrative idea. 

Starting a hardware store online

Now that you know how much profitability an online hardware store can generate, it’s time to learn the steps to start an online hardware store. 

Here are steps to start an online hardware store website:

Conduct a market research

Conducting a market survey and research (offline, online, or both) will give you an idea of market competitiveness, regional demand, and growth potential. If you plan to sell locally, this step is highly important to measure the market feasibility. 

Start by conducting online market research by analyzing some famous online hardware sellers like Hardwareworld to see what they are selling and what selling strategy they are using. Check out local e-hardware stores as well to see their strategy.  

Choose your products

Before going ahead with online hardware store development, it’s important to recognize your niche. While some hardware product sellers specialize in machinery products, others focus on selling housing-specific products like taps, door lockers, and plumbing pipes. There are also some wholesale and B2B hardware suppliers out there!

Your business success is directly connected with your ability to sell what people are looking for and how can you sell it to them. So, select a niche that you understand the most! 

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Set up an online store

This is obligatory if you want to sell hardware products and equipment online. Your first task is to select an online store builder. The right store builder for your e-commerce store will help you to build an e-commerce shop with all the necessary features to sell more and generate more traffic.

Choose a solution that is affordable and scalable so that you don’t end up switching to another e-commerce solution later on. Pro tip: Visit famous online hardware stores and note down their most impressive feature.

Start marketing

This step is all about accelerating your online presence. Unlock the advantage to market your online hardware business during and after the coronavirus pandemic by undertaking DIY efforts on SEO, content, and social media or connecting with an affordable online marketing agency. 

No matter how stringent social distancing becomes, marketing efforts for your online hardware business will help you attract new customers. Make sure that your brand is memorable, and that your marketing focuses on major audience groups.

Track competitors

You are not the only one that noticed the potential of selling hardware products online. Others will notice and competition will increase. So, always keep a watch on new competitors while learning from the existing ones. Do a thorough monthly analysis to discover new online hardware store features, marketing opportunities, and growth prospects. 


Start an e-hardware store with Swiftkart 

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Learn why Swiftkart is becoming the popular choice of entrepreneurs planning to build radical online marketplaces.

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