Selecting online shopping software

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Selecting online shopping software

  • April 30, 2021
  • April 30, 2021

Choosing the right software for your online shop can be complicated as there are many solutions available in the market. A lot of business owners make the mistake of building their online shop on outdated software and end up losing sales in the long run. That’s why we created this post!

Techosquare will share a detailed guide to help businesses choose the best software for their online shop. Let's begin with the most important aspect:

Store features

It's hard to get online sales if your e-commerce store is missing the right features. A lot of online store builders have a huge list of features but miss out on critical ones. So, ensure that the core ones are present!


Approximately 90% of people using the internet all over the globe use mobile devices to go online. That's why it's important to get a mobile-friendly online shop. Confirm this if you want to drive traffic and profits.

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While choosing software for your online shop, always confirm the pricing model. While monthly pricing makes more sense to get started, it usually costs more in the long run. So, also explore solutions that offer tech and set up at a one-time fee.  

SEO friendliness

It is important to choose an online shopping solution that delivers an SEO-friendly structure. Choose software that allows you to add meta title, descriptions, custom URLs, and content to your online store.


Imagine you are struggling to understand a store feature or want to integrate a new one. Won't that be a hassle if there's no one to help you out? So, always look for online shopping software that comes with unmatched customer support.

Online reviews

Online reviews play a major role in choosing the right software for your online shop. Always check online reviews before choosing the software. Go through customer reviews and feedback to ascertain company claims.

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Social integration

Social media has approximately 4.2 billion users worldwide. Always choose software that gives you the freedom to capitalize on social sharability and reach.  

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User experience

The sales and profit of your online shop greatly depend on the user experience. Besides confirming ace use experience on critical pages, make sure your online shop software provides the flexibility to improve user experience in the future as well. 

Learn about Swiftkart software

As an online shopping software, Swiftkart is loved by thousands of online store owners. Below are the features that have made Swiftkart a popular online shop builder in 2021:

Responsive design

Multi-vendor capabilities



Product comparison

100% scalable

The above post will help you choose the right shopping software for your online shop. Check out this list of ecommerce website builders for more insights.  

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