Online store basics

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Online store basics

  • August 14, 2020
  • August 14, 2020

An online store is a generic term that covers both big as well as small online stores.

Small online stores are perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs with a limited product catalog. These stores have core e-commerce store capabilities that are critical to selling online. Small online stores are easy to build, launch, and maintain. They are usually handled by the business owner or the staff.

Big online stores can be of two types:

Online store with huge product catalog owned by a single brand

Multivendor marketplaces where multiple sellers run individual online shops

Usually, online stores referred by entrepreneurs are small e-commerce enabled websites that can help sell products and services online.

Who should go for a small online store?

A small online store makes sense for the below businesses: 

  • Beauty and health stores
  • New clothing brands
  • Smart home products
  • Education equipment sellers
  • Toys and video games
  • Fashion products and accessories
  • Pre-owned products businesses
  • Local NGOs
  • Small hardware stores
  • Accessories store
  • Jewelry stores

small online store basics

Best eCommerce platform for small businesses 

A small online store is easy to manage and launch but choosing the right e-commerce platform to build it is tough. Very few SaaS solutions that facilitate launching online stores are affordable and scalable in the long run.

SwiftKart is an e-commerce store launcher that packs what matters the most for small businesses. It is garnering huge interest amongst e-commerce entrepreneurs, thanks to:

  • Sturdy core features
  • One-time payment model
  • Store scalability

Learn more about SwiftKart

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