Online Store FAQs for Beginners

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Online Store FAQs for Beginners

  • September 3, 2020
  • September 3, 2020

When offline business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs think about launching an online shop, their mind is mostly flooded with a lot of questions. In this post, we will try to answer all the basic questions related to starting an online store for the first time:    

What is an online store?

An online store is a website where people can browse products, shop them, and make the payment online. It may represent a small store, a major retailer, or a multi-seller platform like Amazon. Read in detail about online store basics

How much it costs to launch an online store?

A small online store built on a SaaS solution like Shopify can cost around 50 to 500 USD per month depending on the catalog size and data usage. A small online store built on a turnkey e-commerce solution like Swiftkart costs around 1000 USD (one-time cost). 

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What types of products can be sold in an online store?

From gadgets to clothing and hardware to groceries, everything can be sold on an online store.   

What are the popular options to build an online store?

An online store can be built using 3 popular options:

  • Using a SaaS solution
  • Using a turnkey store builder
  • Building an online store from scratch 

Is it easy to build an online store?

Building an online store on your own is slightly complex for someone who has had very few interactions with technology. This is the reason why turnkey online store builders are gaining popularity. 

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How much time does it take to launch an online store?

A small online store can be launched in less than 2 weeks if support in terms of images, content, and technical details is provided promptly. Turnaround time is low in SaaS solutions and turnkey store builders. Custom online stores on the other hand are time-consuming.

What are the costs associated with an online store launch? 

Launching an online store requires monetary spend on:

  • Domain buying 
  • Website hosting 
  • Store setup or development
  • Maintenance 

What needs to be done after store launch?

Aggressive investing is required to create awareness about your online store. From offline advertising in newspapers to online advertising through Google, explore all the possible options. 

Learn more about online marketing services in India for after-launch growth. 

Above are the frequently asked questions about the online store launch.

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