How to increase online store traffic

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How to increase online store traffic

  • October 6, 2020
  • October 6, 2020

Turnkey solutions like Swiftkart have made it easy for business owners to launch powerful online stores. However, online stores generate sales and profits only if they get the right amount of traffic. 

In this post, TechoSquare will share some tips and ideas to increase online store traffic. 

Below are some useful tips and ideas to boost online store traffic and push product sales: 


Putting your online store in front of potential buyers is crucial to increase website traffic. Use social media and Google ads to create highly targeted campaigns that will help you reach consumers who are likely to click through and purchase your products.  

Expand your catalog & features

Having an enormous selection of products is the key to bring more traffic to your online store. If it’s hard to expand your products list, it can help to go multivendor and bringing in more vendors to sell on your website. If that sounds tough, partner with complementary brands to grow the product base!

Online store features also attract more traffic by delivering better engagement and UX. Check out this e-commerce store features list PDF to discover the most impressive e-commerce store features.   

Go multivendor

Another important tip to boost your online store traffic! A multi-vendor store brings the capabilities to host multiple sellers on your website by creating independent virtual storefronts for individual vendors. The more vendors you add to your online store, the bigger online sales and leads will grow.

increase online store sales 

Invest in SEO

When customers search for your products, you want your online store to be one of the top results on Google. SEO will make this happen. Investing your money in SEO will improve search visibility and bring more traffic to your online store. 

Some online store builders don't support modern SEO? Check out what ecommerce website development costs in 2020!

Invest in content

Online stores are not only about selling products and services. They also act as channels to improve product awareness and publish DIY guides. Investing money in publishing inspiring, informative, and valuable content will drive tons of traffic to your e-commerce website in the long run. 

Start special sales

Do you want an instant surge in traffic? If yes, then, hosting special sales and discount days are a great way to do that. Not only will it help you boost brand awareness and product sales but also increase brand buzz on social media. A simple way to boost online traffic to your virtual store!  

increase online store sales

Launch discount coupons

Customers’ love for discount coupons hasn’t changed over these years. Discount coupons are a great way to draw price-sensitive shoppers to your store. Host these coupons on coupons discovery websites and Google Ads Network to reach maximum shoppers. 

The above 7 growth tips and ideas will not only help you bring more traffic but also in growing sales for your virtual shop. 

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