Start preplanned meals and ingredients business online

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Start preplanned meals and ingredients business online

  • January 30, 2021
  • January 30, 2021

In 2021, our jobs are ever demanding. Since busy work schedules have made cooking a luxury, the demand for pre-planned meals and ingredients is on the rise. No wonder, Cooking ingredient packs and home-cooked meals are profitable business models today.

If you are thinking of selling pre-planned meals or ingredients online, this post is perfect for you. In this blog, TechoSquare will share everything major about starting this unique online business niche. 

Let's first put the spotlight on some industry data: 

Preplanned meals industry data

According to a report by Statista, total sales of preplanned meals and ingredients segment was US$40,586m in 2019. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this figure jumped to US$59,394 by the end of 2020. If the coronavirus outbreak continues, the total sales of this e-commerce industry would increase by 0.4x in 2021. 

pre-prepared store business online

Start a ready-to-eat meals business online 

Now that you know about the profitability of this niche, let's talk about the easiest ways to start an online preplanned meals and ingredients business.  

#1 Research your target market first

Just like brick and mortar stores, you must start by researching your target market first. Determine who will be your target audience. Do you want to sell healthy meals, ingredient boxes, or something else?  Customize your offering according to your audience's needs.   

#2 Source your materials 

Whether you want to sell ingredients or pre-prepared meals, you will need to source materials. From utensils to packaging, everything needs to be assembled to set the business in motion. Connect with manufacturers and suppliers to get the best rates for everything involved.  

#3 Define catalog and costing 

Before putting on the chef's hat, you must do the paperwork on menus, costing, and recipes. If you are selling ingredient boxes, calculate the cost of ingredients, packaging, shipping, staff, and everything else. Do the same if you are selling cooked meals to determine the product pricing.  

meal ingredients package business

#4 Set up an online store 

Once you are done creating a business and meal plan, begin setting up your online store. Select the right technology to build your pre-planned meals or ingredients store. Give top priority to scalability, responsive design, and flexible solution. Opting for a one-time fee e-commerce solution works better than one with a monthly fee!  

#5 Licenses and permits 

Last but not the least, apply for licenses and permits required in your business region. Business permits, tax payments, sanitary permits, and food handling permits are critical in this business niche. Having all licenses and permits will make customers trust you more. 

Start preplanned meals store using SwiftKart 

Choosing an online store builder to launch your online pre-planned meals and ingredients shop makes more sense than creating an online store from scratch. SwiftKart has emerged as a popular pre-prepared meals business store launcher for entrepreneurs across the globe. 

This e-commerce solution is gaining popularity for the following reasons: 

Highly responsive design 

Airtight security 

Multilingual features 

Good functionality 

Learn more about SwiftKart 

Got any queries to ask regarding this online store builder? Send them to and have them answered by our experts. 


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