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Sell eco-friendly products online

  • February 5, 2021
  • February 5, 2021

The demand for eco-friendly products grew steadily in the past decade. People are now more aware of the impact that their buying habits make on the environment and are changing their brand preferences to minimize damage. Since the base of environment-conscious shoppers is growing, it makes sense to launch an online store that deals in eco-friendly and zero-waste products. 

In this blog, we will introduce you to the essentials of starting an online store that deals in eco-friendly and sustainable products. Read on!

Starting eco-friendly products store: Basics

Eco-friendly and sustainable products are majorly recyclable, refillable, ozone friendly, and cause minimal damage to the environment. More and more people are moving towards a sustainable way of life. Need statistics to believe us:

It is estimated that eco-friendly products will hit $150 Billion only in the U.S by 2021.

Statistically, over 48% of US consumers are ready to start buying only eco-friendly products to save the environment

eco-friendly products store builder

While developed countries are leading the way, people from developing nations have also started feeling the importance of embracing the GREEN. Hence, launching an online green products shop makes perfect sense. 

How to sell sustainable products online? 

Many businesses planning to sell eco-friendly products online struggle with sales as well as growth. This mostly happens because they don't take the right steps to start their eco-friendly products business. Below steps are crucial to building an online eco-friendly products business:

Select your niche

Choosing the right niche for your online sustainable products store can be complicated as there are many verticals out there. Below are the top-selling eco-friendly product verticals:


Home decor and furniture 

Jewelry and accessories

Fashion and lifestyle

Groceries and health

Look at the market you want to cater to decide your niche. Also, look 'inside' to see what you are most passionate about. 

Conduct market research

Conduct a market survey to see what people for your focus region feel about eco-friendly products. This is super important if you plan to cater to a small region. A detailed market survey will also help you in finalizing products for your online store.

Track your competitors to understand which products are in high demand and what's propelling their growth. This will generate bonus insights for your sustainable products business!

Build your store

The next step is to build an online store for your eco-friendly and sustainabilitybusiness. Choose the right store builder to get a mobile-ready website that's easy to scale in the future. In case you will be selling products in regions with unique language preferences, then, you should opt for a store builder that promises multi-lingual support. Learn about this e-commerce marketplace builder

Market your line-up

After building your online store, it’s time to show your products to potential customers. Use social media, Google advertising, content, SEO, and even offline advertising options to reach your target audience. Marketing your store will help people learn about your online store and generate initial visitors.

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A lot of business owners spend most of their money on store development and save little money for marketing. Don't be like that! 

Swiftkart - Best store builder for sustainable products

Traffic, sales, and growth of your sustainable products store will greatly depend on your online store. That's why it's important to choose the perfect store builder for your business. Swifkart is one of the best store builders of 2021 and is widely prefered by green entrepreneurs in launching digital marketplaces.

Below are its major key features of our game-changing online marketplace builder

Responsive design: Swiftkart was built to deliver unforgettable shopping experiences on all devices. It delivers a fluid design that makes browsing effortless on all devices and screen sizes.

SEO-friendly: Swiftkart was designed while paying attention to the core SEO parameters to make sure it delivers SEO-friendly marketplaces. 

Multilingual: It has multilingual capabilities that give site owners the freedom to cater to different audience groups. Swiftkart delivers a perfect online store for owners that want to operate in diverse regions.

Budget-friendly: Swiftkart is budget-friendly for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. The starting package of this online store launcher comes at $499. 

Start your eco-friendly online store

The above insights will help you in building the perfect online store for your green business. Take advantage of 2021 and launch your eco-friendly store to get big sales and profits.

Planning to build your online store or have queries in mind? Email us at to get a quick reply. 

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