Best Shopify alternatives to grow bigger

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Best Shopify alternatives to grow bigger

  • November 17, 2020
  • November 17, 2020

Shopify is popular for a reason. It gets you started quickly, cheaply, and delivers a good online store experience. However, there are some e-commerce requirements it doesn't deliver as smoothly as it should. Luckily, there are few Shopify alternatives that promise a good package for entrepreneurs who want to grow big, sell more, and scale fast. 

In this quick post, TechoSquare will list out the 5 best alternatives to Shopify for radical e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Best Shopify alternatives to grow big

Check out the most promising solutions that have proved to be a tough contender of being the best Shopify alternative:   

#1 SwiftKart Store Builder 

SwiftKart is a lean online store builder that promises core e-commerce features, scalability, and affordability. Responsive web design, multivendor capabilities, airtight security, and one-time costing has made this self-hosted e-commerce store solution popular amongst entrepreneurs looking for practicality rather than the clutter of million features.   

Being hailed as a promising Shopify alternative with multivendor features, SwiftKart also packs multilingual capabilities that give business owners the freedom to target unique audience groups. 

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#2 Volusion 

A popular alternative to Shopify, Volusion is a cloud-based online store builder popular among small teams and entrepreneurs with limited tech skills. Unlike Swiftkart which is a self-hosted solution, Volusion is a SaaS-based solution. Meaning, a monthly fee ought to be paid to keep the store up and running. 

Volusion comes with multiple monthly plan options that are segregated majorly on the basis of GMV (Gross merchandise value). While a promising solution, Volusion is often unfavored for the following reasons: 

It has a monthly bandwidth limit. 

It requires basic design and coding know-how. 

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#3 Woocommerce

In love with WordPress and want to give eCommerce wings to your WordPress website without much hassle? Well, Woocommerce has to be your favorite pick. Both WordPress and Woocommerce are open source technologies not-very-easy for newbies to set up and scale. 

Long story short, you will need support from a developer to keep your WordPress-Woocommerce store up and running if you don't have design and development expertise yourself.  

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#4 3dcart 

Another Shopify alternative that claims to be 'best' in the market. 3dcart is a cloud-hosted shopping platform that comes jam-packed with robust features paired with flexible prices. It provides entrepreneurs with unlimited product options with every package and has segregated plans on the basis of staff users (the number of people who will access the store and manage it from the backend).   

While 3dcart security and capabilities are rock solid, it has its share of cons that limit its impact as a Shopify alternative:

Mobile experience requires upgrades.

Plans don't seem practical to all.   

#5 Big Commerce 

Big Commerce has been available as a Shopify alternative for a really long time now. The online store builders bring a vast range of store themes using which someone with basic design understanding can build an online shop. BigCommerce promises monthly pricing for multiple plans designed with unique requirements in mind. 

In the past few years, Big Commerce has shifted its focus to creating enterprise e-commerce solutions.    

Above are some of the best Shopify alternatives that you can use to launch an online store in 2021.

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Shopify (and other SaaS solutions) is an obvious choice for e-commerce but the limited scope of customization and multivendor support is making entrepreneurs favor solutions like SwiftKart.

Use any of the above online store builders to start a successful e-commerce store!

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