Cost of launching a small online store

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Cost of launching a small online store

  • July 24, 2020
  • July 24, 2020

Small online stores are perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs with a limited product catalog. These stores have core e-commerce store capabilities that are critical to selling online.

Small online stores are easy to build, launch, and maintain. They are usually handled by the business owner or the staff.

The cost of building a regular online store majorly depends on how you approach the development. Below are the three most widely used options:

1)                        Launch using a SaaS solution: No-frills online store on a SaaS-based solution like Shopify attracts a monthly cost. Building your online store on such a solution usually costs less than $50 per month.

2)                        Launch using modern store builder: Modern online store builders like SwiftKart facilitate the development of online stores at a one-time cost of $999. Such solutions –unlike SaaS solutions – promise better scalability.

3)                       Building from scratch: Building a small online store from scratch using technologies like PHP costs more than $10,000 USD. Depending on the features requested, the amount may go up or come down. Read more about e-commerce store development.

Note: Swiftkart’s Swift Launch package is available for purchase at a special discount price of $499. Check special offers.  

cost of building a small ecommerce store

An online store that represents small businesses and supports a small catalog is cheap to launch and maintain.

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