Start an online used goods store

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Start an online used goods store

  • December 3, 2020
  • December 3, 2020

Starting a used goods store is a value proposition since the trend is shifting towards reuse and recycle. Launching a second-hand products store also makes sense since the world is looking at COVID forced slowdown and impending recession in Western countries.

The good thing is that setup of a used goods store is super simple and requires less warehousing in comparison to a regular online shop. That said, starting an online used-goods store requires meticulous planning.

In this blog, TechoSquare will share a quick DIY guide for starting a second-hand product store online. Here are the steps you will be walking through: 

Start used goods store online 

#1 Decide what you want to sell 

The first and foremost step to starting an online used goods store is to figure out what kind of merchandise you want to sell. It could be electronics, gadgets, vehicles, clothes, furniture, jewelry, accessories, hardware, or hundreds of other things!

Make this decision by considering factors such as your overall knowledge of products, availability of products, and ease of storage. 

#2 Build inventory through thrift stores  

Once you figure out what products to sell, start building an online store inventory. Source profitable second-hand items from the thrift stores, yard sales, local classified sites, and also Ebay! Sift through a lot of products to find items that people in your target region would love to buy.

Don't forget to bargain while visiting thrift stores and yard sales. The cheaper you get, the bigger profit you will make from your online used-products shop.  

#3 Set up used goods store 

After creating a small product catalog, the next step is to think about the right online store platform which will work best for your online shop. If you have a good budget, try to build your store using e-commerce website development services to get exactly what you need in terms of design and store features. 

In case your budget is low, turnkey solutions like SwiftKart will be the best option for you. Choosing a self-hosted online store launcher will deliver your used-goods shop in less than a month. Plus, it will cost only $499!

Online store launcher


#4 Take great product photos 

Take good images of the products you want to sell in your online second-hand store. You don’t need any fancy photography equipment to get this right but you do need to a decent camera and basic photography know-how. To capture good product images, try following these tips: 

#a Use a lot of light

#b Take product images with a light background. 

#c Use a decent camera to capture photos. A smartphone with a good camera would do too!

#d Try to capture images from all possible angles

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#5 Price your products 

Getting the prices right for your resale business is a balancing act. Don’t price your products too high to put off prospective buyers. Also, don’t price an item too low since it will clip your profits. You can check at what price others are selling similar items as a benchmark. Price yours just below theirs. 

#6 Set up shipping 

The last piece of setting up a second-hand online store is to get a robust shipping process in place. Decide your pricing strategy for shipping. Offer free shipping by rolling the cost in the price itself to delight the shoppers. Or charge real-time carrier rates to keep transparent. The choice is yours to make. 

#7 Promote, promote and promote 

After listing your products and setting your online used goods store, it’s time to promote it. Start by sharing your store link on all social media platforms to bring initial traffic to your website. One can also use advertising a little later down the line to boost the visibility of products. 

Start online user goods store

Our guide to starting a second hand product store ends here! While working on the 4, 5, 6, and 7 points, spend a lot of time on your once-loved goods marketplace. This will help you find bugs that might be spoiling user experience and conversions.   

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