Start vegan cosmetics store online

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Start vegan cosmetics store online

  • February 15, 2021
  • February 15, 2021

The vegan lifestyle has gained huge popularity in the past decade or two, especially in countries like the USA, Austria, Australia, UK, Israel, and Canada. However, adopting a vegan lifestyle is still complicated as people find it hard to find vegan products and brands offline. This is especially true for the vegan makeup and cosmetics segment. 

That's why the demand for online vegan cosmetics stores is gaining popularity and it makes it perfect for entrepreneurs to invest in an online store to cater to the fashionable vegan community.

In this blog, we will share the major essentials of starting an online vegan cosmetic store. 

Vegan and cruelty-free industry insights

It is estimated that the global vegan cosmetics market size will cross 20.8 billion US dollars by 2025. And the demand push is mainly coming from millennials who are highly conscious about their product choices and are increasingly favoring vegan brands. 

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People are often confused between vegan and cruelty-free labels. If case you are one of them, vegan-friendly products are 100% plant-derived. On the other hand, cruelty-free means that the products are not tested on animals. 

Start vegan cosmetics store online: Basics

Starting a vegan cosmetics and makeup store follows the time-tested steps of starting a business online. Here's what you must figure out:  

Get inspired

There are a lot of vegan makeup stores online that are raking huge sales and profits. You must start by checking them out to gather some basic pointers in terms of design, user experience, and catalog. Here are some popular vegan makeup and cosmetics stores:

Charlotte Tilbury

Cover FX


Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Everyday Minerals

Lime Crime

Select your niche

Choosing the right niche for your vegan cosmetics store is success-crucial. Want to cater to premium clients? You have to build a catalog of luxury vegan brands. Want to make vegan cosmetics accessible to more people? You must keep it affordable! 

Decide on a niche to position your online store strongly among the vegan audience.  

Conduct market research

Conducting a market survey will help you understand what potential customers are looking for and which vegan cosmetics are in high demand. This will help you choose the right vegan cosmetic products for your online store. 

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Conduct market research offline or online to get the right data and insights for business launch and growth strategy. 

Build your store

Without the right online store, there is no chance that you can sell big. That's why choosing a powerful online store builder for your vegan cosmetics online store is important. Choose a solution that is scalable, futuristic, and affordable. We highly recommend checking this online marketplace software

Since vegan cosmetics and makeup is more famous in millennials, the design must be fluid and modern. The store should also score on security and agility. 

Market your line up

After setting up your online store and adding vegan cosmetics products to it, it’s time to market your store to reach a larger audience. Use social media, digital communities, SEO, advertising, and influencer marketing to reach potential buyers.  

A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of not saving money for marketing. Don't do that!

Swiftkart: Best vegan store builder

Choosing an online store builder for your vegan cosmetics store is critical for sales as well as growth. Below are the reasons why Swiftkart is gaining popularity among millennials for building powerful online shops:

Flexibility: Swiftkart gives entrepreneurs the power to make design changes to the online store according to the latest trends and integrate new features with ease.

Multilingual and multivendor: Want to sell in the language-diverse regions like Europe? Swiftkart packs multilingual capabilities. For those who want to become a multi-seller store, this marketplace solution is the best one out there! 

Secure and affordable: Security is one of the major selling-points of Swiftkart. Developed using PHP, it promises a secure shopping and selling experience. Not to mention, Swiftkart comes at a one-time cost that starts at US$499. 

Start your vegan makeup store

The above steps will help you launch your online vegan cosmetics store.  Have questions regarding business model, store development, and growth? Email us at to share your questions and we will answer them all!

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