Start subscription box business online in 2023

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Start subscription box business online in 2023

  • March 2, 2021
  • March 2, 2021

Note: This blog on subscription box business online has been updated for 2023 with the latest business insights. Happy reading!

Subscription boxes provide shoppers with a convenient way to buy products they need on monthly basis. It's estimated that the subscription box e-commerce market is projected to reach $473 billion by 2025. So, starting a subscription box business in 2023 is definitely a cool idea. 

In this blog, Techosquare will discuss everything you need to know to start a subscription box business online and will also talk about e-commerce website development solutions as well. 

Let’s first learn how the subscription box business has grown up in recent times.

Ecommerce subscription box business: Stats

The subscription e-commerce market has grown more than 90% per year in the past 5 years. The research shows that 15% of online shoppers have already signed up for one or more subscription box services to receive products frequently. 

subscription business ecommerce

Since the subscription box market will soon hit $473 billion, the day is not far that this business segment will be worth a trillion dollars. 

Subscription box e-commerce essentials

The above stats show that the subscription box e-commerce business is an ideal e-commerce business model to make huge profits in 2023. However, some details need to be kept in mind while setting up your own e-commerce business:

Think niche

To launch a subscription box e-commerce business with high chances of success, you must identify a niche and select a specific targeted market. Look at all the subscription box options out there and identify the one that fits your know-how, market awareness, and expertise.  Need a unique subscription box idea? There is a company that sends snacks and food boxes from Japan!

Price your box

The biggest mistake that some subscription box businesses is pricing their products without ample research. To make your subscription box e-commerce store competitively priced, look at the pricing structure of your competitors and decide accordingly. While discounted pricing for your subscription box will help you acquire market share, it will deplete the product margins. Something way higher might dive away initial buyers. 

Pro tip: A USP can greatly help in creating a differentiating element for your subscription business!  

subscription box store builder

Setup e-commerce store

Setting up an e-commerce store is necessary to start an online store in any niche whatsoever. Start by selecting the right e-commerce store builder. Examine e-commerce stores of competitors and makes notes on their capabilities. Choose an online store builder that is cheaper in a long run and provides you all the features that you want for your store.  

Start subscription box business with Swiftkart!

Selecting an online store builder to launch your subscription box website is more cost-efficient than building your store from scratch. Swiftkart is an e-commerce store builder that promises all the necessary feature at a starting price of only $499.

Here are some of the features that Swiftkart provides:

Everything customizable: Switkart doesn't want you to compromise on your imagination. That’s why Swiftkart makes everything customizable. 

Responsive design: Swiftkart makes sure that it delivers a fluid design that makes browsing effortless on all devices, be it a laptop or a mobile phone. 

Multi-language: Sell in language-diverse regions like Europe! Swiftkart provides multilingual capabilities to help store owners tap audiences living in culturally and linguistically diverse regions.  

Above are some of the exciting features that Swiftkart delivers at budget-friendly pricing. Still have questions in mind regarding business model, store development, and growth? Email us at to share your questions and we will answer them all!

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