Top B2B ecommerce platforms of 2023

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Top B2B ecommerce platforms of 2023

  • March 29, 2021
  • November 4, 2022

Note: This blog on B2B e-commerce platform has been updated for 2023 with the latest data insights. Happy reading!

Starting a B2B online store was a strenuous task a few years ago but thanks to powerful B2B e-commerce platforms and software solutions, it's much easier in 2023. 

Since there are many B2B online store software solutions online, businesses often find it difficult to pick the most suitable store builder. Don’t worry, we have prepared a list of the best B2B e-commerce store platforms! 

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Here are the popular business-to-business solutions to launch a B2B online store: 

#1 SwiftKart 

SwiftKart is one of the finest self-hosted B2B e-commerce software solutions that can be used to launch feature-rich, scalable, and mobile-friendly B2B stores. Organizations are using this B2B e-commerce platform to launch their online store at a one-time cost. Yes, you read it right! There is no monthly fee when you pick SwiftKart

From store functionality to web design, this B2B e-commerce software solution lets you tweak everything as per your requirements. SwiftKart is currently offering a limited-period discount that lets you start a B2B e-commerce store at just US$499. 

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#2 Shopify 

A famous SaaS e-commerce platform that allows you to establish a B2B e-commerce store with a decent catalog. This B2B online store platform has a simple UI using which you have to set up your online store on your own. Shopify asks you to pay a minimum monthly price of US$40 excluding all taxes. 

However, there is only so much you can customize on Shopify in terms of design and features. 

#3 Magento 

Another popular e-commerce platform to build B2B online stores. Magento brings you a friendly user interface and good customer support but lacks a few features on the integration side and can also prove to be a little pricey for small businesses.

Building an online store on Magento requires support from developers.    

#4 Pepperi 

Pepperi is an emerging B2B e-commerce platform that allows its users to build a business-to-business online store and tap modern sales technologies. Although this B2B e-commerce software solution has good integration capabilities, its customer support falls a bit short sometimes. 

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#5 Prestashop 

A B2B e-commerce software solution that isn’t as popular as other platforms but lets you establish an online store within a good budget. You can make a selection from a wide array of professional e-commerce themes using this B2B marketplace platform.

However, you will struggle a bit as Prestashop has complex installation and maintenance. 

Starting an online B2B shop sure has become easier in the past few years but high cost and performance still exist as a challenge in most solutions. SwiftKart eliminates both of these challenges and is the most practical B2B eCommerce software solution to start an online store in 2023. 

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