Conducting Web Application Security Audit in 2023: Quick Guide

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Conducting Web Application Security Audit in 2023: Quick Guide

  • September 19, 2022
  • November 4, 2022

Note: This blog on conducting web application security audits has been updated for 2023 with the latest data insights. Happy reading!

Approximately 90% of all cybercrimes and security breaches are due to human errors. Wait, there’s more. 88% of global organizations suffered spear phishing attempts in 2023. 

It’s a fact that the instances of cybercrimes and malware attacks are increasing every year as hackers find new ways to break the security of web apps. 

Still, some web app owners hesitate while investing in web app security audits. That’s why we decided to create this post and share everything crucial about web app security audits.

In this post, Techosquare - a leading PHP development company in India - will share the meaning, tips, and benefits of web app security audits.

Let’s start!

Web app security audit: Meaning

Web app security testing is the process of preventing data breaches, malware, and other cyberattacks by hackers. It helps in exploring all the hidden vulnerable points that run the risk of getting exploited by a hacker.

Web app security testing can take 7 to 10 days on average. The cost of web app security testing depends on the number of scans, web app complexity, app size, and the plan you have adopted. 


Tips to perform a web app security audit

Below tips and ideas will help you in performing a web app security audit along with your team of app developers and analysts:

  • Identify security areas and website complementary assets to include in security checking. 
  • Make sure everything on your web app is up to date. 
  • Check if your website follows secure rules for user permission and roles.
  • Keep every security protocol such as SSL, malware scanner, and firewall in place. 
  • Analyze code rigidity with a penetration test.
  • Check and secure your website’s network configuration. 
  • Regularly test your desktops, router, servers, printers, etc. 
  • Make sure the Javascript loading on browser web pages follows the correct rule.
  • Check input validation while accepting user data on your web app.
  • Check if your web app allows unauthorized access. 


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Some of you might be thinking about why dedicate time to web app audits. Well, here are the reasons why: 

  • Financial and personal data is of prime importance to internet users 
  • A security breach or data leak will ruin your brand image 
  • A security breach could make the app inaccessible to users, leading to losses

Benefits of web app security audit

Below are the major benefits of a web application security audit:

  • It helps in saving financial resources and the brand image.
  • Gives a clear picture of which security processes are working right and wrong.
  • Helps in staying a step ahead of hackers and cyber crimes. 
  • Uncovers hideen threats and security loopholes 
  • Helps in identifying and resolving issues in security protocols and policies. 
  • Examines the flow of data within the organization.
  • Helps in formulating an effective security plan. 

Web app security audit: Final thoughts

We hope that the above post will help you learn everything about web app security audits. Hire an experienced team of e-commerce website development in India for your e-commerce web app.

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