12 UX Tips for Product Page Design in 2022

“Ace product page design means max product sales”. This is the design wisdom that the best ecommerce website designers live by in 2022. In the world of ecommerce, no page or feature impacts sales and conversions like a well-designed product page.

A lot of businesses however don’t know how to design a product page that has the power to engage shoppers and move them down the sales funnel. That’s why we have decided to help them out!

In this blog, Techosquare - a modern web design agency in India - will share useful tips with businesses and ecommerce entrepreneurs to design a UX friendly product page that sells in 2022. These UX product detail page design ideas will ensure your ecommerce website gets add-to-conversions to the furthest extent.

Are you ready to explore our list of best UX product page design tips? Let’s go!

#1 Write captivating product descriptions

Would you ever buy a property just for its price and without learning about important details like carpet area, land record, location, or financing banks? The answer is NO! Similarly, it will be absurd to create a product design page and list the product for sale without informing your customers anything about it.

Nicely crafted descriptions served with the right font, background, and size will tell how amazing your products are and help customers make informed buying decisions. Write a product description that clearly states what are you selling, what makes it different from its alternatives, and why online shoppers should have it.

Consider these tips while writing product descriptions and finalizing the UX design around it:

  • Highlight how your product addresses customers’ pain points
  • Include short bullet points for easy reading
  • Tell the full product story
  • Use the right color as per background
  • Make sure that the font size is easy on the eye.
  • Use power words that sell
  • Make description easy to scan
  • Include keywords to optimize for search engines

#2 Use template-based layout approach

Designing a product page for every single item or product category is not practical. Doing this will cost you a lot of time and money. Plus, it will be UX disaster. That’s why most developers out there working with template-based layout approach.

A lot of professional web designers are leveraging this approach in 2022. The main advantage of using a template-based layout approach is that you have to code and design the layout only once. The same template can be applied to other product pages almost immediately.

Don’t want to use the same design for each product category? No problem! Product page templates don’t always have to be 100% identical. You can still make slight changes to your product pages while using the same approach.

For instance, it is pretty obvious that the color varies between products on the ecommerce website. You can set the color scheme of each web page according to a specific product.

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#4 Follow F-shape pattern

One of the most important UX tips to consider while designing a product page of your ecommerce website. Most of us read and scan a product page in an F-shape pattern. Meaning, we don’t immediately look at the item in the image. First, our eyes go across the top of the page to read important headlines. Then they move down the left side to view numerals or bullet points.

At last, our eyes cross the web page again to read bolded text or subheadlines. Design your product page with an intentional flow like F-pattern. It will help you create a layout with a good visual hierarchy. Put simply, a product page design that customers can scan easily.

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#5 Put user-generated content to use

Can you spend bucks on a high-end laptop without reading about reviews, FAQs, and user photos? Of course not! Using user-generated content while designing product pages serves as excellent social proof. They will not only increase your ecommerce website credibility but also create closer relationships with your customers.

Add a review section to each product page so that users can share their images, videos, text, and audio after buying and using your items. Also, create a Q&A section right below the product description. It will enable your business to deal with specific queries that your customers have about your products.

#6 Show clear pricing

Another important product page design tip to consider in 2022. No matter how useful and top-notch your ecommerce products are, customers always look at the price tag before making a purchase. Even if the item is a little pricey, put the price tag where it belongs.

Also, consider the following tips to make the pricing element stand out:

  • Use a larger font size for the price element
  • Opt-in for a contrasting color to make the price pop
  • Highlight discounts. Show the original price tag next to the new, cheaper price
  • Be clear on savings. Show how much your customers will save on buying a specific item from your website

Keep in mind that most people are automatically drawn to areas that stand out. So, make the price easy to spot in your product page design.

And that’s not it! Developers also zero in on attack vectors they’ll encounter during the website penetration process. They try to exploit vulnerabilities by intensifying privileges, stealing data, and blocking traffic to figure out the damage that cyber-attacks can cause to your business website or web application.

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#7 Provide accurate product recommendations

According to a survey conducted by Invesp, 54% of retailers think of product recommendations as a primary key for average order value in consumer purchases. Another study found that 75% of customers are more likely to buy products based on personalized recommendations.

Product recommendations are just like YouTube recommendations. Using this element while designing a product page will help you encourage your customers to spend just that little bit extra. Meaning, it will keep them on your ecommerce website even if they have added the first product to the cart.

Consider these tips for product page recommendations:

  • Recommend supplementary or complementary items
  • Drive your product page recommendations based on purchase patterns of previous shoppers.
  • Feature other products for sale within product pages.

Bonus product page design tips

We have shared 7 product page design tips and ideas in detail. Here are 5 more that are pretty simple and don’t require a detailed explanation:

  • Use color scheme correctly. Green is the go-to color for Buy Now and Add to Cart button
  • Host a module for similar products and bundled offers
  • Host icons like safety seal and cards accepted to build trust
  • Embed zoom functionality for images to help people examine the product minutely.
  • Integrate how to use steps if your product requires the same.

Above are some useful tips to design a UX rich product page that sells in 2022. Creating product pages that are responsive, accurately structured, and look aesthetically pleasing, quickly connote the value of your ecommerce catalog. They tell your potential customers what exactly your products look like and convince them for making a purchase.

Keep in mind that designing a perfect product page after considering the aforementioned UX tips is not easy, especially if you are new to this web design scene. Therefore, it is suggested to hire ecommerce web designing experts like Techosquare. Our team of professionals will help you in creating product pages that look like natural extensions of your brand.

Got any queries to ask? Send them to info@techosquare.com and have them answered by our web designers.

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