Hiring a Developer for Your Startup- Step-by-Step Guide

Hiring a developer for your startup is crucial for starting and scaling it. In fact, hiring the right development talent can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to online businesses!

To help you make the right programming decision, TechoSquare presents a 6-step guide on how to hire a developer for your startup! Before we proceed with the steps, ask these questions to yourself and note down the answers:

  • Do I need a novice developer or an experienced one for my project?
  • Do I need a website developer or mobile application expert?
  • Do I need a developer who has mastered a specific technology?
  • How many developers do I need based on my project scope?
  • How much can I afford to spend on web development?

Answering the above questions will help you gain some perspective on hiring a developer for your startup before you begin the process.

Let's continue with our guide to hiring a developer for your startup!

Note down your requirements

While some startups require a simple website to get started, others require fully-functional technology solutions. Before approaching any web or software developer, have a clear idea of what you’re looking for. Something simple can be built by a developer with an experience of 2 years but a complex product will require a developer with over 7 years of experience and diverse expertise.

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Finalize your budget

Budget plays an important role in deciding what kind of developers you need to shortlist initially. If your budget is less than 1000 USD for complex software, then, obviously someone with one decade of programming experience won’t engage with you enthusiastically. Remember, web development is an expensive skillset that has an international demand.

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Start your search

Now that you have decided your requirements and counted the money in your pocket, it is time to connect with developers that fit your goals. Developers can be discovered through:

  • Social platforms like LinkedIn
  • Companies that offer dedicated developers for hire
  • Talent discovery websites like Catalant
  • Your personal network

While it is okay to engage freelancers for simple websites, it is highly recommended to engage dedicated developers provided by web development firms. This will guarantee professionalism, timely delivery, and quality code to your startup.

Shortlist the developers

Now that you have a list of developers to discuss your requirements, it’s time to talk with them and shortlist the best ones. This is a complicated task since every programmer will bring unique traits on the table.

Research thoroughly when shortlisting a developer or development company. Read online reviews and customer testimonials to identify a trusted, budget-friendly developer.

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What to consider when vetting a freelance developer?

When planning to engage a freelance developer for your startup project, proactively identify programmers who are actively searching for jobs and gigs.

Done with that? Check if they are active on GitHub, Reddit, Stack Overview, or Quora to learn what they are talking about and sharing related to their expertise.

Hiring a freelance developer looks tempting due to less payout in comparison to engaging someone from a company, but remember, hiring a freelancer has its cons:

  • A freelance developer won’t be available 24X7.
  • Freelance developers can’t promise you dedicated service as they will be working on multiple projects.
  • You will miss out on teamwork since only one person will be doing everything.
  • Freelancer developers often disappear after project completion and there will be very little you can do about it.

Scrutinize their portfolios

Once you’ve created a list of promising developers for your startup, it’s time to take a virtual tour of their portfolios. Request their portfolio and put all the major projects under the microscope. Talk with the developer to discover project challenges, goals, and additional insights.

Scanning through case studies is a great way to discover the development capabilities of potential developers. If your shortlisted developers have some good looking projects, you can think of engaging them in your project!

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Ask for customer references

While going through reviews, testimonials, and case studies is valuable for hiring, nothing can match speaking firsthand with the clients. Ask your shortlisted developers for contact details (phone numbers, emails, etc.) of companies and entrepreneurs who have hired them in the past for web development.

Speaking with old clients will help you double-check the claims made by the developer in question and make sure that you are hiring someone honest. An established development firm like TechoSquare will never hesitate before sharing the references of previous clients.

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Talk your project

After going through the above 6 steps, it is quite possible that you will be down to a couple of developers only for your startup. Now, it’s time to begin detailed conversations about your online business. Talk about your project, what you are trying to accomplish, what kind of support you are looking for, and what will be your degree of involvement during the development.

Be completely transparent with your plans so that you onboard a development resource that’s perfectly aligned to your goals.

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The above steps will help you connect with the best developers out there and hire the very best for your development needs.

Hiring a developer for your startup - Endnote

Because your startup idea is unique, rigorous programming efforts are required to bring your online business vision to reality. Whether you hire a freelance developer or a dedicated resource from a company like TechoSquare, invest in a low term solution rather than a quick-launch fix. If you want to get started quickly, ask for MVP.

TechoSquare has continuously delivered high-grade software and website development projects to clients across the world. If you have queries that are success critical, send them at hello@techosquare.com for free advice and consultation!