Hiring Offshore PHP Developers in India – 9 Things to Keep in Mind

While there are over 5 million PHP developers active globally, hiring offshore PHP developers in India is still a challenge for entrepreneurs & businesses in the USA and Europe. This can be majorly attributed to the problem of plenty and a complex selection process. But still, hiring offshore PHP developers is lucrative and that’s why business owners go for it.

To help organizations and entrepreneurs make a smart hiring decision, Techosquare is sharing 9 critical considerations worth keeping in mind while partnering with freelance or offshore PHP developers.

Read on and discover what to consider before hiring offshore PHP developers:

Check out portfolio

It is always wise to trust a team of developers with a decorated portfolio. Whether the development firm is based in India or abroad, take a good look at its portfolio and see if the projects delivered by them capitalized on technologies and features you have in mind.

A critical look into projects in the portfolio will also help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of the offshore developers in question. Careful analysis and following discussions will help you get one step closer to hiring the right PHP developer.

Check online reputation

Looking at client reviews and online reputation of a service provider is one of the easiest ways to confirm expertise as well as professionalism. Client feedback can be easily found on sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. Google Maps listing of the potential development firm is also where you can find reviews from local clients.

offshore php developer

If there are too many grievances and negative testimonials online about the service provider, it is best to stray away and keep looking for an offshore agency with a cleaner record. Check out the reviews and testimonials on the website in the end!

Look for experience

When looking for an offshore PHP developer, assure yourself beforehand about the industry & technology experience. Speak with the developer(s) and confirm how long they have been working on PHP frameworks. Anything less than 5 years is a strict no-no.

While it is okay to go for a new development company, it will be best to confirm that it is home to senior developers who have mastery over both front end and back end technologies. Brush up your knowledge and conduct a thorough interview with the developers who will be working on your project!

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Initial consultation & proposal

While businesses and entrepreneurs have a clear vision of their dream project, they often are not familiar with technology, budget, and timeline challenges. This is the reason why the initial consultation is highly critical before hiring onshore or offshore PHP developers.

Initial discussions will bring out data and findings that will give a deeper understanding of the project but a detailed proposal will document everything that will go into making the project a success. Top-rated offshore PHP developers share a comprehensive proposal to make sure that there are no collisions later on.

Talk work methodology

Be it an experienced PHP development company or a freelance developer, both have predefined work methodologies. While there are many work methodologies used by offshore developers, agile development is the most value-efficient right now.

php developer methodology

At TechoSquare, we have been working with the ‘agile’ way for years now. This development practice is especially popular amongst entrepreneurs who want flexibility during the development phase and want to work in a collaborative environment. Requirement gathering, initial demo setup, and continuous iterations are three of the most critical aspects of agile methodology.

Discuss the pricing

Premium PHP development companies are notorious for charging a HUGE hourly rate and the same has often burnt down great startup ideas to the ground. On the contrary, if an offshore developer charges very less, maybe he doesn’t have the experience to guarantee success. Hence, the trick is to find a team that charges what makes practical sense.

Once you are clear about the efforts and resources that will go into your project, get on the table to discuss the hourly rate. The advice here is to hire an experienced PHP developer for your project within your budget. This will help you save money for other aspects like future enhancements and marketing.

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Work transparency

While transparency brings out the best in every work environment, its role becomes critical when outsourcing your work to a team thousands of miles away. Partnering with a team that doesn’t work behind an iron curtain greatly promotes collaboration and helps undertake timely product enhancements as well.

php developer transparency

Look for a team of offshore PHP developers that follows work processes that facilitate work transparency. This will add great value to your project and also connect you with true industry professionals.

Responsiveness & support

All of us have had bad experiences with after-sales support at least once in our lifetime. Imagine experiencing the same hassle with your hired development partner. Not a pleasant thing to imagine, right? This is why it is vital to confirm the professionalism of your potential PHP development partner.

Request shortlisted development firms to speak with a couple of their earlier clients. Ask them how responsive was the team to queries. How much time did they take to respond when contacted through emails or calls? Their experience will probably be yours as well!

Yes to NDAs

It is quite possible that you are working on a game-changing product and don’t want the news to hit the market before it is 100% ready. It could also be that you fear the solution will be replicated and used to launch future competitors. This is where Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) comes in.

hire php developer NDA

Reputed offshore PHP developers never back down from signing an NDA and assuring their clients that their products are 100% safe with them. Techosquare Solutions highly recommends partnering with such technology solution providers.

Our guide on hiring offshore PHP developers ends here!

Consult offshore PHP developers in India

Whether you hire a freelance offshore developer for your PHP work or onboard a web development company, make sure that you finalize your partner only after speaking multiple times over the call. This will greatly help ensure developer expertise, her comfort with English, and also judge level of professionalism.

If you are looking for an experienced team of PHP developers, TechoSquare can deliver flawless mobile and desktop solutions for your business. Send in your queries at info@techosquare.com for a free consultation session with our Head of Development.