11 Ecommerce Website Design Development Tips To Push Sales & Engagement

In 2020, an e-commerce website can generate sales only if it impresses visitors. People are more aware than ever before and their expectations in terms of shopping experience are really high. That’s why we have decided to help you get the design, features, and overall experience of your online store 100% right!

In this blog, TechoSquare will share 14 tips and ideas that will help you design a ground-breaking e-commerce website that pushes sales & engagement. Let’s start with the first tip of our e-commerce website design and development checklist:

Keep design neat

The time of cluttered online shops has long passed. Nowadays, people prefer carefully crafted online stores that are clean & well-organized. For brands dealing in lifestyle products, websites also determine how your audience perceives your brand. Therefore, you need to cut out the clutter.

  • Organize your products into neat categories.
  • Keep minimalistic design concepts in mind.
  • Use the grid layout to keep the homepage & category pages clean.
  • Opt for large & high-quality images.

Keeping your website neat & clutter-free is the first step towards an engaging and sales-focused online store.

design ecommerce website clutter free

IA focused navigation

We all know about the importance of navigation bar but a lot of us mess it up while trying to be creative with it. The thumb rule of planning ace navigation is making it IA focused. Avoid adding lots of links in the navigation menu. Instead, opt for drop-down or a mega menu element. It will let you add a decent number of links in an organized manner.

Labeling is as important as creating a simplistic navigation menu. If you plan to host a lot of products, consider engaging an Information Architect. By following these rules, you can create simple yet effective navigation for your e-commerce store.

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Underline USPs

Modern shoppers have become accustomed to online purchases but they don’t shop just from anywhere. They prefer buying from online stores that bring benefits like rewards, free shipping, and friendly returns policy. In simple words, use design cues to highlight strengths that make your e-store stand apart from that of your competitors.

Display your USPs on the landing pages. Don’t take too much space though; remember, a couple of words or the right icon can do the trick. Footer is also a great place to display unique selling propositions!

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Make search bar prominent

Entrepreneurs planning to launch a mega online store with thousands of products need to put great emphasis on search. Therefore, skip the idea of adding a small magnifying glass icon or mini search feature, and go with a prominent search box on the homepage. 

The search bar should be inviting in nature and grab the visitor’s attention as soon as she lands on the website. Besides looking impressive, it should also be loaded with features like auto-complete.

ecommerce website design search bar

Accurate colors schemes

According to buyer psychology, customers while making a buying decision are influenced by the colors they come across. Top online store designers and developers use affirmative colors that embody trust, positivity, youthfulness, and joy, depending on what the store will sell.

Online stores dealing with gadgets and electronics use a blue color palette as it signifies trust and professionalism. On the other hand, food and grocery websites go with a vibrant color palette (like yellow and red) as it depicts emotions & nature. Long story short, it’s almost impossible to create a dashing online store without paying attention to color schemes.

Add trust marks & payment options

Recent research revealed that over 50% of online shoppers check trust marks before making any purchase. This is especially true for online stores that have just opened shop and are trying to build their initial base of customers. Add trust seals like secure payments to communicate that you have taken special precautions to make shopping safe.

Highlighting payment options is also crucial when we have literally unending options for making payment. So, if you accept payment from credit cards, debits, digital wallets, and net banking, then, it makes perfect sense to state the same!

ecommerce trust marks

Make design consistent

Remember, your logo is not just a design element that represents your online store. The overall design and vibe of your e-commerce platform helps in strengthening the mind recall. Design harmony can be achieved by keeping the design vision consistent across the website.

Design elements like color palette, fonts, images, and flow play a crucial role in maintaining design harmony throughout online stores. A very basic website design & development tip but still critical enough to pay special attention to during the online store development phase.

Impressive imagery

Some online stores are simply gorgeous and capture 100% of our attention. High-quality imagery plays a crucial role in delivering such captivating online stores. If not all, impressive product photos play a huge role in generating sales and revenue for online stores dealing in clothing, jewelry, art, and accessories.

Upload high-quality product images on your website and make it possible to zoom into the photos to take a closer look. While doing that, make sure you don’t slow down the website. Optimize the images correctly so that they don’t increase load time.

Make everything social

People love to gather recommendations from friends and family before they buy. That’s why social sharing needs to be an integral part of your online store. Start by adding the sharability element to the images. It should be super easy to share them on Instagram, Facebook, and messaging platforms like Whatsapp.

Done with the images? Encourage people to share your products and offers on social media as well so that you can generate more traffic from word-of-mouth. Really simple web design trick but can greatly help you grow sales and engagement.

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Optimize store for mobile

Over 62% of consumers browse and make purchases via smartphones. That’s why top online store designers and developers advise e-commerce entrepreneurs to optimize their platforms for mobile devices. Following practices will help you in making your e-commerce website design mobile-friendly:

  • Take a mobile-friendly test and review the usability report.
  • Make your store checkout process flawless and intuitive.
  • Use a top navigation menu instead of a top-menu bar.
  • Display trending products in a collage format.
  • Add mobile rich snippets to your e-commerce site.

With the above practices, you can make your online store design mobile-friendly!

Design ecommerce website mobile friendly

Step into shopper's shoe

You may have built the best looking and best performing online store in the world but unless it appeals to the shoppers, it is of no use. That’s why we recommend you stepping into the shopper’s show and analyzing the whole experience. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. How does the overall store design layout feel like?
  2. Is it easy to find products quickly?
  3. Does the navigation make sense to someone who isn’t web-savvy?
  4. Are the product pages informative enough?
  5. Is everything working as planned?

f you answered yes to everything, ask some of your friends and family to answer the same questions, and analyze what comes out. This check will bring out tons of design and development findings!

Final words on eCommerce store design

Designing a no-frills online shop is really easy nowadays but building a powerful e-commerce platform optimized for higher sales is still challenging. With the help of the above listed points, we bet you can carve out a functional online store.

If it's your first time launching an e-commerce website, we recommend consulting a skilled team of web designers and developers to get recommendations tailored to your e-commerce goals.

Got any queries regarding e-commerce website design development? Feel free to send them at info@techosquare.com and have them answered by our well-experienced web developers!