Webstores Missing These 8 Capabilities Don’t Make Big Money

Every ecommerce entrepreneur launches a webstore with dreams to make big money. But 70% of the online store launchers are not designed to realize this dream. While they work smoothly when your product catalog and traffic is small, trouble starts brewing when the real growth kicks in.

In this blog, our team of ecommerce developers will tell you about 8 features without which your online store will never be able to make big money and hit huge sales figures. Following are features that are highly growth critical in modern ecommerce ecosystem:

Performance ready

Most SaaS-based web store development solutions start lagging when the traffic truly hits the jackpot, and we will tell you why.  Performance majorly depends on the core aspects of your e-commerce store, namely hosting infrastructure, load management, site performance, and database management. Since most online store builders don’t deliver on a lot of these aspects, ecommerce platforms built on them falter.

Online stores built from scratch or on modern ecommerce software like SwiftKart score in all the above-listed performance-critical aspects.

Highly customizable

An ecommerce store that cannot evolve as per your vision and goals becomes dead weight in the long run. Sure, most webstore builders save money initially by getting you started at a small cost but they hugely limit the options when you finally have the resources to implement unique features. The purpose of a unique identity is also defeated since few themes are used to build thousands of online stores.

Very few online website builders are tailored to meet the unique business needs of modern e-commerce entrepreneurs. So, double-check on the scope of customization before finalizing your online store software!

No recurring charges

Most SaaS driven store launchers charge a monthly fee to keep your online store running. For sellers with only a few articles to sell, this is pretty convenient. However, this turns out to be a headache for entrepreneurs who plan on selling hundreds of products. That’s because your monthly fee grows as your catalogue grows.

Recurring monthly fees work like magic for the profitability of online store builders but for store owners, it is a drag. Therefore, go for online webstore software that offers one-time payment plans and practical upgrade packages.

No payment processing fees

With everything business owners have to think about while choosing the best online store builder, payment processing fees may not be something that automatically comes to mind. Even though the charges may not look like a lot if looked at in isolation, the small percentage deducted at every product sale will balloon to a huge amount.

Top online store builders such as SwiftKart don’t charge any payment processing fees for every product sold and put your profits in your pocket.

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Faster setup

While it takes a day or two to launch a simple online store featuring a handful of products, launching something that’s meant to host hundreds of products can take a few weeks. Powerful online store launchers like SwiftKart make it easy to launch a mega online store in a short span of time and get it online without hiccups.

Faster setup and launch is critical for established offline brands that are preparing to rule the digital world now. That’s the reason why they are leaning towards the tailored online store development solutions that guarantee fast turnaround without compromising on capabilities.

Multi-vendor capabilities

Multivendor functionality is crucial for entrepreneurs with plans to build a marketplace for multiple sellers. Most online store builders like Shopify & Big Commerce were not built with multi-vendor capabilities and usually depend on third-party plugins to handle the same. This often brings performance issues and doesn’t deliver a smooth e-commerce experience.

Entrepreneurs who are entering the digital marketplace with the mindset of launching a mega online portal should pick a solution that’s built with multi-seller capabilities in mind.

Long term pricing

Most ecommerce website builders are best known for their affordable startup packages. However, if you do the math, they turn out to be pretty expensive in the long run, considering the money spent on monthly fees, payment processing charges, themes, plugins, and upgrades.

Most entrepreneurs end up switching technologies & solutions since their current store builders couldn’t support their vision. This greatly magnifies the long term cost of running an ecommerce store.  This is why webstore builders like SwiftKart are gaining popularity. It minimizes long term costing and maximizes profits.

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Mobile and SEO friendly

Since smartphones have become the preferred devices to access the internet, shoppers expect great mobile experience from even small online stores. Similarly, an online shop that doesn’t rank on Google loses the chance to maximize huge traffic and sales. The point is that you got to pick an online store launcher that delivers an SEO optimized and mobile-ready online store.

Launch your mega online store

Global e-commerce will reach $5 trillion by 2021 and the potential for money-making is huge. That said, taking a big bite off the e-commerce cake requires:

  • Rigorous planning
  • Right technology
  • Aggressive marketing

Our team of e-commerce developers can capitalize on the futuristic technology of SwiftKart to develop an online store that maximizes the chances of ecommerce success. Discuss your online webstore goals with our team to take the right steps forward.

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