Outfit Making App in 2023: Popular Options, Creator Process, and More

Style is something each of us already has; all we need to do is find it. With 80 billion new pieces of clothing being made and consumed every year, it's kind of understandable why outfit-making and picking apps are such a rage.

While the DIY fashion industry is massive, creating a perfect outfit-making app without expert knowhow is not easy. That’s why Techosquare - a leading mobile app development company in India - decided to share everything about creating outfit planning and making apps for smartphones.

Let’s start with the meaning first.

What's an outfit-making app?

Also known as an outfit creator and outfit picking app, an outfit-making app help users create a virtual closet of clothes that they have in real life to help them choose the right one.

But how does it works? Simply upload pictures of your clothes in the app and divide them into different categories to create outfits for different occasions.

The best part is that an outfit creator app allows you to save your favorite look for another occasion.

That’s it?

No, there is more you can do with an outfit-making app:

Add images of your clothes directly from your smartphone gallery.

Plan outfits for future events in advance.

Add unlimited clothes and accessories to your virtual closet.

Shuffle your clothes to get new outfit ideas.

Directly share your outfits with your friends and family through social media.

Search your virtual closet using keywords.

Choose size, color, brand, and more while adding clothes to your virtual closet.

Follow others for outfit inspiration.

Top outfit-making apps

Many outfit-making apps are available in iOS App Store & Google Play Store with free and subscription models. Below are some of the popular outfit-creator apps available:

Cost of creating outfit maker app

The cost of creating an outfit-picking or making app depends on the design and features you want. An outfit-making app developed in India can cost you anywhere between $25,000 and $60,000. On other hand, developing an outfit planning app with teams based in countries like USA and UK can cost you $50,000 to $100,000.

Starting with limited features can help you in making your outfit-making app more affordable. Learn about MVP mobile app development

How to create an outfit-making app?

Now that we have learned about the meaning and cost of creating an outfit-making app, it's time to discover the steps to create an outfit-maker app in 2023. Hiring a team of experienced mobile app developers in India will help you in creating an ace outfit curation app but still, there are a lot of things you need to do.

Follow the below steps to create an outfit-making app:

Market research

What other outfit curation apps are offering? What do they lack? Why do users love a specific outfit-making app? What you can improve in your outfit-making app? Market research will help you get answers to the above questions and understand what you need to pack for reaching a large number of downloads on smartphones.

This step is very crucial if you are planning to bring a powerful outfit creator mobile app to the market.

Decide features

Will you visit a clothing store with bad & limited designs? Of course not! The same goes for the outfit maker app. Without providing good features, it is hard to attract customers. While building a look making app, make sure to add below features:

  • Easy registration
  • Virtual wardrobe and view
  • Calendar to help users plan outfits for future
  • Easy access to wardrobe search
  • Push notifications to get outfit reminders
  • Background remover for outfit pictures
  • Option to save the outfit for future
  • Categorization and tagging for outfits
  • Neat interface
Design and development

Now, it's time to start building your outfit-making app. Since the design of the app leaves a long-term impression on the users, make sure it is modern, neat, and intuitive. An outfit-making app with a modern design and great user experience will help you get the initial downloads.

Request a detailed proposal from your app design and dev team before starting the actual work. Make sure every part of the process is covered and timelines are defined clearly. Be involved throughout the process to make sure that your outfit design app is coming out right.

Testing and launch

Your outfit-making app is functional now and developers say they are almost done with the core features. This is the time to test your app before pressing the ‘launch’ button. Make sure that your outfit-making app is bug-free and working well on diverse devices.

Ask your friends and family to use the app and share their experiences. Once you are happy with the performance, go live and welcome the audience to your app! Once it is live, ask people on Reddit to review it. They always come up with interesting ideas to upgrade!

Market your app

Everything is done perfectly and your outfit-making app is live on the app stores but how will your targeted audience find it? Don’t worry! Following the below tips will help you in marketing your outfit-making app:

Collaborate with influencers on popular social media platforms. Fashion influencers will work for you.

Use Q/A platforms such as Quora to talk about your app

List your outfit curation application on AngelList and similar sites.

Take help from your friends and family members.

Hire online marketing experts to do all the work for you.

Run paid ads to get some instant boost.

Create your outfit creation app in 2023

We hope that the above post helped you in learning everything about creating an outfit-making app in 2023. The DIY fashion industry is only going to grow big with time and this is the right time to step up the game. Hiring affordable and experienced app developers and PHP developers in India will help you in launching game-changing websites and apps with ease.

Have queries to ask? Drop them in the comments or email us at info@techosquare.com to get a quick reply from our team of experts.

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