Custom Web Development for Businesses- Meaning, Cost & Perks

Entrepreneurs building a website or product for the first time often fail to understand the concept of custom web development. This is the major reason why the costs associated with custom web development seems hugely inflated to them. This is also why we took the time to explain the:

  • Concept of custom development
  • Benefits of custom development
  • Costs associated with custom development

Let's start by understanding why custom development is favored by experienced entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe to bring their ideas to life:

What's custom web development?

Imagine your website as a car. Credit most of the shiny stuff you see on the outside to design. Done? Now credit everything under the hood to development. Custom development in its core essence helps in creating and improving the machinery under the hood. Here’s everything that can be accomplished through custom development:

  • Building a robust and feature-rich website
  • Improving site performance and engagement
  • Integrating out-of-the-box features
  • Speeding up payments, bookings, and service requests
  • Enabling enhancements that boost revenue and profits
  • Scaling the website into something bigger

We think you got the idea.

In short, custom web development is what entrepreneurs and businesses go for when they want to build something big, complex, feature-rich, robust, and profit-driven.

Having cleared the concept of custom development in the simplest way possible, let’s move on to its cost element.

Custom web development cost for businesses

Depending on your vision and needs, building a small website from scratch or enhancing a current one using custom development services can cost a business anywhere between a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

On an average, a reliable custom web development firm can charge anywhere between $2000- $10000 for a decent sized database or ecommerce website with some custom development requirements.

If you are planning to build something bigger from scratch (let’s say a social network, B2B software, or powerful mobile app), be prepared to shell out more than $10,000 on custom development.

Several factors come together to determine a website’s cost. The 5 major ones are listed below:

  • Size of the website
  • Complexity of the project
  • Performance & traffic expectations
  • Nature of website (e-commerce, database driven, etc.)
  • Feature requirements

As mentioned earlier, it is pretty hard to determine the cost of custom development without looking at the website goals and requirements.

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Done with the rough cost estimate of custom development for businesses, let’s jump to the benefits that lure entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises to custom development firms like TechoSquare.

Perks of custom development

Be it commerce stores, web applications, or business software, custom development is widely deployed by entrepreneurs & enterprises. Here are the reasons why:


SaaS based development restricts creativity and makes entrepreneurs work with a limited set of capabilities. Custom web development, on the other hand, helps teams implement unique ideas. A website or product which is the result of major custom efforts has bigger chances of having a unique identity and features. This makes custom development the preferred way of developing for game-changing entrepreneurs and teams.


When a website is built from scratch, the whole architecture, and plugged-in capabilities (like payment gateways) are highly secure. Security is a major reason why startups and enterprises hire dedicated developers for custom development.

With the help of custom development, developers can add additional security layers to most aspects of the website, giving website owners & users more assurance of data safety.


Serial entrepreneurs recommend opting for custom web development because a custom solution is designed with both current and future needs in mind. Custom development is majorly done on technologies (like PHP) that are highly scalable so that it doesn’t become a challenge to integrate new features later on.

SaaS based website builders are rarely taken into account for complex websites since they have limited scope in terms of scalability and often succumb when traffic starts to kick off.

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Future-ready solution

Businesses and entrepreneurs understand the importance of building future-ready solutions and continuous improvements. This is one of the major reasons why they invest in custom development. An app, software or website built on modern technologies can support changing industry trends and doesn’t require complete overhaul after a couple of years. This greatly saves long term cost for startups and organizations.

Competitive advantage

We are living in a highly competitive world. Technology driven businesses especially have to strive really hard to stay ahead of the similar businesses, copycats, and innovators. In such a scenario, it simply doesn’t make sense to pay little heed to design and features driven differentiation.

Hiring a reliable custom web design & development company greatly helps in gaining a competitive edge by guaranteeing technical support for implementing visionary ideas.


Visuals, graphics and other design aspects are not the only ones that contribute to better visitor engagement & profitability. Smoothly-functioning features, loading time enhancements, and performance upgrades also contribute a great deal in making digital businesses profitable and enterprise solutions value-rich. Custom development plays a crucial role in all the above, and does so much more!

Custom development is growth critical!

Custom web development clearly gives businesses, entrepreneurs, and enterprises an edge over solutions developed on SaaS solutions. However, with thousands of web development companies out there, it’s often difficult to choose the right development talent to undertake custom development.

This is precisely the reason why we have been creating quick guides to help people pick the right service providers. Check them out!

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