Retail Website Design Tips for Massive Success: 2022 Edition

Designing a retail website is easier than it was 5 years ago. Estore builders like SwiftKart have made it easier to create powerful online stores in a very short stretch of time. However, perfecting the retail website design for earning massive sales and profits online is another thing.

According to research from Stanford University, 75% of web users make judgments about a retailer's credibility based on its website design. Meaning, if your site design didn't meet the expectations of retail customers, online sales will be limited.

You don't want to let that happen, right? If yes, keep reading!

In this blog, Techosquare - a provider of modern website design services in India - will share useful retail website design tips to achieve massive success in 2022. Ready to allure shoppers, provide a great user experience, and generate online sales?

Let's go!

Keep it simple

Al McGuire - popular American basketball coach - once said, “keep it simple. When you get too complex, you forget the obvious.” The same goes for your retail website design. The more diverse elements (colors, banner ads, pop-ups, typography, etc.) you have on your web pages, the farther it drifts away from making an impression.

In short, don't add too many unique design elements to the product pages of your retail website. Keep your design clear and simple. You will be able to sharpen your message and make sales.

Think like a customer

There are a lot of things that retail customers want in an online store. Some of them are:

  • Not-so-complex navigation
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Easy, straightforward, and hassle-free shopping process

If you really want to earn profits in 2022, you better provide them with those things. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers while designing your retail website. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What sort of layout will be the easiest to navigate?
  • How can I organize products in a way that makes sense?
  • How can I streamline the checkout process?

Trust us, once you start thinking like a customer, you will be able to identify retail website design problems and work on them to meet customer needs.

Go mobile-first

We simply can't sail through a day without using a smartphone. From watching movies to playing games and shopping to office meetings, there is literally nothing that we can't do on our mobile devices.

Since the majority of the internet searches are run on smartphones, a lot of your customers will be browsing your retail website on them as well. So, ask your developer to design with mobile devices in mind.

Responsive design is the perfect fit for online stores starting their retail journey.

Use high-quality images

The purpose of using high-quality images on your retail website is very simple: they directly impact sales. According to VWO Success Stories, incorporating more relevant images to website design boosts conversions up to 40%.

Get professional images of all your retail products from different angles. Also, add human photography (like an individual using your product) to have a much better impact in building confidence and trust in your customers.

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Add personality

We know many of you are thinking, “didn't we tell you to keep your design simple?” This tip may look like it contradicts the first one but it doesn't. According to INC, 38% of users will stop interacting and leave your website if they find the layout unattractive. Just because your retail website design looks simple and straightforward doesn't mean it should be bereft of beauty and personality.

Consider these tips when designing your retail business website:

  • Keep imagery consistent with the brand.
  • Use images that your customers can relate with. Make sure they create an emotional connection.
  • Pick colors that evoke positive feelings in your visitors and set the tone of your retail website.
  • Make sure your website design looks clean and uses whitespace.

Master View Cart button

Many online retailers perceive the View Cart button as an afterthought - “It's just a button, right?” No, it isn't! Ignoring the value of this button while designing your retail website may result in lost revenue opportunities. Believe us or not - the view cart button has a high impact on the revenue-making of your business site.

Make your view cart button stand out by using a bright color that stands out from the background. Add a shopping cart or bag icon that updates in real-time. It should be large enough to be noticeable with ease.

Impress with reviews

Will you buy a $1000 product (say iPhone) without reading reviews? Of course, not! 61% of online shoppers report reading customer reviews before deciding to purchase a product. Use this detail and include product reviews on your retailer website.

Consider these tips for displaying reviews on your site:

  • Add thumbnails of your customers' photos alongside their reviews.
  • Include different types of testimonials, like video testimonials and UGC (user-generated content).
  • Add customer messages to your homepage.
  • Make it easy for people to post reviews and rate products.

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Add filters and comparison

Imagine finding the book you want in a library with 200,000 books and periodicals. Plot Twist - there is no catalogue. Also, the librarian is not there to search it for you. You will definitely feel frustrated and confused, right? Your customer will also feel the same if your retail website doesn't have product filters.

Search filters include brand and price will greatly help simplify product search and lead to more purchases. Comparison feature will also be a great addition to your online shop.

Above are some useful tips to improve your retail website design in 2022. Keep in mind that a good web design is essential for converting website visitors into long-term customers. Implementing these best practices may take some additional time but the results will be worth it!

Struggling with your retail website design and want to hire the best web designers? Techosquare's team of experienced web developers and designers will help you deploy a modern store design that delivers an engaging shopping experience and boosts sales.

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