Cashback Coupon Website Development: Everything Covered

Note: This blog on cashback website development has been updated for 2022. New points and insights related to the cashback coupon website have been added. Happy Reading!

Cashback, coupon, and shopping rewards websites are still relevant. No wonder, entrepreneurs consider developing such a site profitable in 2021. A lot of platforms are making huge profits from this niche by offering coupons and deals on popular products and brands.

That's why a lot of entrepreneurs in developed as well as developing countries are looking forward to starting their own cashback and coupon websites in 2021. However, not all of them are familiar with the technical as well as business model challenges of this niche. If you are one of them, you have landed in the right place.

In this blog, TechoSquare will tell everything you need to know about cashback coupon website development. From market statistics to the business model and development process to the overall cost, we have covered all the major aspects.

First, let's know what exactly is a cashback coupon website.

What is a cashback coupon website?

A cashback coupon website is a rewards platform that pays its members or visitors when they purchase goods and services via its affiliate links or discount coupons. While most cashback websites add virtual currency to the digital wallet of their customers, others simply host the offers provided by businesses.

Rakuten, Swagbucks, and CouponDunia are some popular discount and coupon websites that have helped their customers save billions while shopping online. Now, let's learn why it makes sense to start a cashback coupon website in a developing country or small region within a country.

Why start a cashback coupon website?

Most people are not born with a silver spoon in their mouth and hence prefer to save whenever they can. The saving mentality is pretty strong in developing countries of Asia and Africa.

Here are some reasons why cashback and coupon portals are growing across the globe:

  1. Startup costs are minimal for this niche.
  2. It's easy to build a cashback or coupons website.
  3. There are no product handling and supply chain hassles.

Cashback coupon website development: Statistics

According to a report by Global Cashback Industry, the cashback coupon industry has grown around US$108 billion in 2020. The coupon websites are cropping up across the globe as entrepreneurs are realizing their worth.

Recent research states that this industry has earned a value of over 5 billion in India alone and is still increasing. This clearly shows the potential of starting a coupon or cashback website.

Cashback coupon website business model

The process of the cashback coupon website model is really simple. It earns money through affiliate marketing wherein a seller provides unique links or coupons to every marketer so that they can track the sale.

The user first visits the cashback coupon site for checking out offers on their desired e-commerce store or brand (like Amazon). Once he clicks on a particular offer, the cookie file gets stored on their device, which helps merchants track everything including click ID, user ID, click time, and purchased item. Such links are also called affiliate URLs.

An affiliate URL looks similar to any other URL except that it has information encoded in it related to the referrer (in this case, cashback coupon website). Once the user clicks on the coupon link, the cashback code gets revealed and he will be redirected to the store's page where it is applicable.

Once the user makes the payment from the third-party e-commerce store, it automatically shares a small amount of money as a commission to the cashback coupon website. The commission varies from product to product.

Cashback coupon website development process

Launching a discount coupons platform is not very complex but still challenging. Here are the steps involved in the development of a cashback coupon website:

#1 Select business name and domain Choosing the perfect business and domain name is important. Think of something that's unique but also clearly shows what your website is all about.

Consider the following points while thinking of a domain name for your cashback coupon website:

  1. Keep it meaningful. It must communicate your brand essence and conjure an image.
  2. Your online business name must look distinctive. It should be unique and memorable.
  3. Your business name should be accessible. Make sure that people can easily interpret it, say it, spell it, or Google it.

While selecting the business name, also check if the domain name for your cashback coupon website is available or not. In case your favorite domain name is already taken, consider something similar.

#2 Purchase a cashback script After choosing and purchasing the domain name, it's time to finalize a cashback or coupon script. Cashback script is the core of your discount coupon website. It's critical to start your own affiliate website.

By integrating the right cashback script into your website, your website will help visitors compare the deals and offers from multiple e-commerce platforms. Buy a pre-built cashback script or get it developed from experienced website developers.

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#3 Onboard affiliate partners and finalize design Your next step in the cashback coupon website development process is to establish connections with the right affiliate partners. Make sure that each affiliate partner offers amazing products and various categories in affiliate verticals. Ask them about daily web traffic, monthly sales, and other performance parameters.

Ecommerce stores with high sales and huge traffic can help you earn high ROI with a minimum effort. Also, don't forget to engage an experienced team of designers and developers to create an intuitive web design and SEO friendly structure. Both will be crucial for your website's growth!

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#4 Cashback coupon website hosting Your coupon website is ready to go live? It's time to look into the right hosting plan. A hosting plan will basically provide storage space for your website. This space makes us possible to access websites live on the internet.

Buy a website hosting plan from popular hosting providers like GoDaddy or build your own server to store your cashback coupon website files. Most go with the first option since it is less complex and more affordable. Do some research to find a good web hosting plan.

The cost of website hosting increases as traffic increases. So, start with a small plan to get started and upgrade later on.

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#5 Get a business email address Now that you have set up your cashback coupon website, it's time to get a professional email address for your online business. Your business email will give your website a professional demeanor, ensuring the public will take your cashback coupon website seriously.

A professional email address that is consistent with your brand and uses the same domain name as your cashback coupon website will establish visitor trust and create brand awareness. You can easily get a business mail address with your cashback website domain name.

For instance, if your cashback coupon website name is getcashback. com, you can keep your business email address as info@getcashback. com.

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#6 Promote your cashback coupon website Congratulations! You have completed the development process of your cashback or coupons website. Now that affiliate URLs have been added to your website; your cashback script is ready and your website is up, you are ready to earn commissions via cashback coupons. But in order to do this, you need to promote your cashback coupon website and generate traffic.

There are many ways to promote a new website. Google ads, Facebook ads, social media, SEO, content creation, influencer marketing, and brand building are some popular methods. Pick your favorite to create hype about your hottest cashback coupons and discount offers.

Unique cashback coupon website features

While the cashback coupon websites development has been thoroughly explained, below are some unique features of the cashback coupon website you need to consider:

Cryptocurrency support: The rise of virtual currencies is inevitable and hence it makes sense to prepare your cashback website for the same. Lending support for lending cryptocurrencies will greatly help your coupon website emerge as a market leader. That's why it makes sense to have cryptocurrency support to expand your customer base.

Automated tracking: Cashback websites struggle with tracking cashback data. That's why preparing your cashback website to track every cashback data with the help of an affiliated system will help carve a space in the coupons market. Integrate an automated tracking system into your cashback website to improve customer and vendor engagement.

Fraud user detection

It is highly crucial to prevent fraud users from registering multiple times. OTP verification is the most prominent option available to prevent users from creating multiple accounts to take fraudulent benefits of special discounts and offers.

Advertising module

A lot of cashback and coupon websites spoil user experience while trying to monetize the traffic. That's why it's important to deploy an advertising module that doesn't drive away visitors. Unlinking ads from coupon codes is the easiest way to ensure superb UX.

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Cashback coupon website development cost

The amount of money required to build a cashback coupon website depends on your site requirements and needs. Entrepreneurs usually spend between 2000 USD to 10,000 USD to build a practical discount coupons platform.

The bigger the list of features, the higher the cost. We highly recommend starting with an MVP in the beginning and adding features later on. To do that, you must get a website that's scalable and future-proof.

Final words on coupons website development

There you have it! We gave you all the critical information to get started on building and launching a cashback coupon website. While we have simplified a lot of demanding website development aspects, launching a website is not that easy. However, by following the above steps, you can get your cashback coupon website up and running within a few months.

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