Modern App UI Design: 8 Tips Every Developer Should Consider

They say the first impression is the last impression. In the world of mobile applications, UI design determines the first impression greatly. A modern app UI design can engage the users with a brand, makes their journey ripple less, and boost the app ROI.

A lot of developers, especially those who recently stepped into the world of app design and development, are unaware of modern app UI design guidelines that can help them create organized, structured, and accessible applications for smartphones.

In this blog, Techosquare - the leading mobile application development agency in India - will share tips that every developer should consider while developing & designing modern app UI in 2022.

Are you ready to learn about modern app UI guidelines? Let's go!

#1 Respect platform guidelines

In the real world, you have to do things differently to stand out from the crowd. In the mobile UI world, it's the opposite. Each mobile platform, be it iOS or Android, has its set of rules, guidelines, and recommendations for modern app UI design. Developers who follow these design guidelines manage to build better apps.

Why? The reason is simple! Users become familiar with the OS they use and want the app experience to match it. Platform UI design guidelines help decide on the look, size, and location of each interface constituent. They help make the app intuitive for target users.

#2 Comprehensive research

Do you buy a car without going through its features? No! It's obvious that you will do thorough research before spending money. Since apps cater to different audience demographics and industries, developers must do thorough research before designing a modern app UI.

After learning about the app goals and requirements, conducting a market survey to understand the audience is a good idea. Determine their basic and secondary needs. Identify your UI project's core value and punch line.

After gathering inputs, go ahead with a brainstorming session. Check competitors' app UI design to get further clarity. Analyze the existing apps and find out what will make target users favor your application instead of theirs.

#3 Keep it simple

Confucius - a famous Chinese philosopher - once said, “Keep it simple and focus on what really matters. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed.” We 100% agree with the thought. The whole point of developing and designing a modern app UI is that users can use it without any setbacks.

An easy way to improve the usability of your mobile application is to simplify the UI. Doing away with all unnecessary components will make it easy for users to walk the particular way and perform the specific functions you actually want them to do within your app.

Make sure graphic elements used in your modern app UI design are clickable, facilitate navigation, and carry information about the client's business.

#4 Go for white space


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We know what you are thinking right now. “I can clearly read the second sentence but what's up with the first one? Why haven't they used space in between the words?” Well, that'’'s how your users feel when you don't use white space to a T in your modern app UI design.

Be more liberal with negative space. Line height, padding, margins, especially the horizontal margins. Let your UI design breathe. Keep related elements spaced closer together and unrelated elements spaced further apart. Use a spacing system to bring a sense of consistency and harmony to the UI.

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#5 Get the curves right

Just like the coolest curve on our body is SMILE, rounded objects and elements are considered HIP in modern app UI design. They will enable, encourage, and empower users to interact with the app, and reduce distractions by all means.

But this also doesn’t mean you should completely abstain from using sharp edges. A good example of using sharp edges and elements in modern app UI design will be PUBGM. What we actually mean to say is that steer clear of sharp corners and elements unless aggressive is what you are actually going for.

#6 Make waiting pleasant

Imagine it is the month of July and you live in Miami. You’ve been waiting in a long queue under a scorching sun to grab your Mac and Cheese for 20 minutes and it seems like your turn will not come in the next 10 minutes either. It is obvious that your level of happiness will take a hit, right? Your app users will also feel the same if it takes too much time to load.

Therefore, it's essential to pay attention to minification and caching for improving the modern app UI performance. Make waiting as pleasant for users as possible. Build skeleton screens (mockups of text, image, and other content elements). Mobile apps like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn actively use this modern app UI design approach.

#7 Use glorious imagery

According to science, vision whips its hands on all human senses. Our brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text. In fact, 90% of information conveyed to our brains is visual. This is because we respond to and process visual data better than any other type of data.

So, use images more than a text while developing and designing modern app UI for your client. Now images in UI design are divided into two categories:

  • Photographs
  • Illustrations

If you believe that your client's message can be communicated via illustrations, forge ahead and use them. On the other hand, if you feel using photographs makes more sense for adding context, add them to your modern app UI design.

Note: This doesn't mean you don't have to use text in your modern app UI design at all! Just try to break long scrolls of content with intervals of relevant images so that the design doesn't look boring.

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#8 Mobile friendly

Having mobile-friendly websites and applications in 2022 is no longer an option, it's a MUST. According to Statista, mobile accounts for nearly half of the web traffic worldwide. Smartphones generated 54.4% of global website traffic in Q4 of 2021. Meaning, if your mobile app UI design is buggy and isn't well-optimized, users are five times more likely to abandon it.

Consider these modern app UI design tips to make your client's business application suitable for all smartphones:

  • Locate all buttons, especially the CTA, in the middle.
  • Ensure the information is fully displayed on the screen in vertical and horizontal mode.
  • Allow taking actions in one click. Most users operate the phone with one hand.
  • Optimize the font and graphics size for both Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Avoid redirects.

Above are useful modern app UI design tips for developers. Always remember that the core of good UI design is putting it into effect for the client, customers, and the platform. It should be about leading the user to the final point and providing them data they seek while scraping off things that might act as a problem and sending them on a wild goose chase.

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