17th Jun 2022

12 UX Tips for Product Page Design in 2022

“Ace product page design means max product sales”. This is the design wisdom that the best ecommerce website designers live by in 2022. In the world of ecommerce, no page or feature impacts sales and conversions like a well-designed product page.

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26th May 2022

Website Penetration Testing: Meaning, Importance, and Step-by-step Process

Securing your website against cyber threats has never been more critical than it is now. According to Forbes, around 30,000 websites get hacked every day. And because of increasing cyber threats, businesses are consistently looking for new ways to protect their website.

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18th May 2022

Ecommerce Application Development: Trends, Cost, and Developer Hiring Tips

Since more and more consumers shift towards online shopping, the e-commerce industry is looking at mobile applications with hope and promise. According to Business of Apps, mobile ecommerce revenue reached $3.56 billion in 2021. What’s surprising, this figure adds up to more than half of total ecommerce sales.

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26th Apr 2022

Types of Ecommerce: Business models, Examples, and More

Diverse types of ecommerce businesses have changed the way we shop today. According to Commerce Department data, the total sales of different types of ecommerce models hit $257.62 billion in Q4 of 2021. This number went up 9.2% from $235.96 billion for the same period in the prior year. 

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18th Apr 2022

Top 8 Mobile App Categories That are Prospering in Post COVID World

Apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. People nowadays spend more than 90% of their mobile time using apps of different kinds. Even businesses that believed they wouldn’t be needing an app for running and growing their business are now stepping into the arena.  

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28th Mar 2022

C2C eCommerce: Definition, Benefits, Examples, and More

There was a time when C2C ecommerce platforms almost didn’t exist. Buyers used to doubt the quality they might receive online and sellers weren’t sure if they would be able to make a sale online. But during the pandemic, C2C ecommerce has made a global impact in the ecommerce world.

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21st Mar 2022

Modern App UI Design: 8 Tips Every Developer Should Consider

They say the first impression is the last impression. In the world of mobile applications, UI design determines the first impression greatly. A modern app UI design can engage the users with a brand, makes their journey ripple less, and boost the app ROI. 

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28th Feb 2022

Hybrid apps: Definition, Suitability, & Best Development Practices

With rapidly increasing mobile phone users, the demand for applications, especially hybrid apps is also rising. More and more business owners are leaning towards hybrid app development over web-based and native applications.

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18th Feb 2022

iOS Mobile Application Development: Facts, Benefits & Dev Process

In 2020, the mobile app market racked up $111 billion in revenue. And iOS was responsible for 65% of total app revenue in 2020. This is not the only impressive fact about the meteoric rise of the iPhone app market; there are many more and that’s why entrepreneurs across the globe are investing their time and money in iOS application development.

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