28th Sep 2021

Website Development Project Plan: Meaning, Steps, and Execution

They say every outstanding website development process begins with a project plan, and we 100% agree. Developing a website is just like constructing a building. You must start with a solid foundation and architectural plans before people begin using it or it won’t live up to its expectations.

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20th Sep 2021

Outsourcing Mobile App Development in India: Benefits, Tips, and Cost

The global mobile app development outsourcing spend is in hundreds of billions and India is a major recipient of the outsourcing rush.  

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3rd Sep 2021

PHP Development Cost in India: Per Hour Rates in 2021-22

PHP is widely preferred by entrepreneurs and organizations for website and custom development. According to NWS, PHP has been used in 81.7% of websites with a known server-side programming language. Since India is the global hub of PHP developers operating as teams and individuals, there is a lot of disparity in the PHP development cost. 

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30th Aug 2021

Mobile App Development Strategy for 2021: Tips Included

A robust mobile development strategy is paramount if you wish the mobile application to become a critical part of your business processes, attract downloads, or generate revenue. Sadly, not every entrepreneur starts with a solid mobile app development strategy to design and develop a mobile app.

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24th Aug 2021

How to Build an Ecommerce Website from Scratch: All Steps Covered

As reported by Digital Commerce 360, consumers spent over $861.12 billion online with the US e-commerce retailers in 2020. No wonder why so many businesses are willing to invest in building an e-commerce website from scratch.

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27th Jul 2021

Ecommerce Website Design: 9 Things to Keep in Mind

According to Stanford web credibility research, 75% of web users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on its website design. This makes e-commerce website design really important. 

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21st Jul 2021

Web Development Life Cycle: Detailed Guide 2021

Developing a decent-sized website can take approximately 10-14 weeks. That's because the website development process includes many steps. It's important to be familiar with the website development lifecycle if you wish to launch a website that's free from bugs and achieves business goals.

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15th Jul 2021

Security for Ecommerce: Biggest Threats and Fixes

According to a report by Juniper Research, the value of financial losses triggered

by e-commerce fraud will increase from $17.5 billion to $20 billion by the end of

2021. That's majorly happening because sellers and brands are moving online

without the correct understanding of digital security threats.

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2nd Jul 2021

Responsive Website Design: Complete DIY Guide For Businesses

Responsive website design and development can no longer be ignored in 2021.

Mobile devices account for approximately half of the website traffic worldwide.

To be specific, smartphones generated 54.8% of global website traffic in the first

quarter of 2021.

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