31st Jan 2020

Angular vs. React JS - Which is Better & Why?

Angular vs. react JS is a never-ending debate that has been confusing entrepreneurs and organizations for a long time. Both front-end JS are well known for their flexibility in developing applications but it is necessary to know the differences between them before committing to one or the other.

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16th Jan 2020

Hiring Offshore PHP Developers in India - 9 Things to Keep in Mind

While there are over 5 million PHP developers active globally, hiring offshore PHP developers in India is still a challenge for entrepreneurs & businesses in the USA and Europe. This can be majorly attributed to the problem of plenty and a complex selection process. But still, hiring offshore PHP developers is lucrative and that's why business owners go for it.

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2nd Dec 2019

Website Speed Optimization

The way people find information on the internet has completely changed in the last two decades. These days Google (or search engine in general) is the entry point for any website. Even your frequent visitors don't remember the domain name and search for you via the search engine. Earlier known as address bar of the web browser is now known as omnibar for the reason that it merges functionality of both address bar and search field.

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21st Oct 2019

MEAN Stack vs. LAMP Stack: Differences, Relevance, & More

Choosing the right technology stack for your product is very important and equally difficult in this age when you see people advocating the benefits of different technologies over others. This dilemma can be eased a lot if you have some basic insights and true information on the matter. In most of the cases, contradiction is between some mature technology stack and a young newcomer with a lot of promises and buzzwords everyone is talking about.

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15th Sep 2019

Custom Development vs Open Source Solution: Make an Informed Decision

That is a really important question and should be given its share of analysis because the decision made will have a very significant impact on the future of your business. There is no single straight answer to this. Both open source solutions as well as custom development have their own pros and cons and it depends on your requirements as well as expertise of your technology partner which option suits best for you.

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