23rd Oct 2020

Starting Online Grocery Store in 2021 | Everything Covered

Online grocery stores were a big hit during the lockdown and entrepreneurs made

millions delivering produce, pantry, meat, and dairy products. Previously, most of

us relied on neighborhood stores and supermarkets to get our grocery shopping

done but the fear of crowds and convenience of online shopping is making us

change age-old habits. And this is a business opportunity for opportunistic e-

commerce entrepreneurs.

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23rd Sep 2020

Brick and Mortar Stores Going Online: A 5-Step DIY Guide

Most businesses suffered losses during the pandemic but it was brick and mortar

stores that were affected the most. Lockdowns left 263,000 retail stores

temporarily closed globally, as per the report from GlobalData Retail. This is majorly the reason why millions of brick and mortar stores have started

thinking about going online. However, the task isn't as easy as it seems.

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22nd Aug 2020

Sell Vintage Clothing Online: How-to Guide for Fashion Entrepreneurs

Vintage clothing -also known as pre-owned and second-hand clothing - is a

booming business right now. According to a report by Thredup, the global vintage

clothing market was over US$24 billion in 2018 and will hit $41 billion by 2022. In

the last 5 years, thousands of fashion entrepreneurs have started ventures that

help source, curate, and sell vintage clothing.

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30th Jul 2020

9 Features Every Online Store in Middle East ShouldHave

The trend of online shopping is still at a nascent stage in the Middle East, and

that's why we think this is the perfect time to capture the market. According to

estimates, the e-commerce profits of the Gulf region will hit $48.8Bn by the end

of 2021. This means there is a lot of money to be made in Middle East countries

by ecommerce stores that has the right products and features.

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17th Jul 2020

How Multivendor Business Model Works: Step by Step Guide

Multi-vendor ecommerce stores work very differently from regular online stores.

For those who don't know, multi-seller stores allow a lot of vendors to: Set up their virtual shop, Sell their products, Grow their customer base, Build their brand, Accept payments locally and globally

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6th Jul 2020

Multivendor Marketplace: Meaning, Software benefits and More

By the end of 2020, there will be 2.05 billion global digital buyers across the globe.

This is reason enough to explain why businesses and entrepreneurs are so keen to

launch online stores. However, the wise ones are realizing that a simple online

store won't do and what they need is an online store that can support hundreds

of vendors and thousands of products. This is where multi-vendor marketplace

platform builders come in!

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23rd Jun 2020

8 Critical Webstore Features to make money

Every ecommerce entrepreneur launches a webstore with dreams to make big

money. But 70% of the online store launchers are not designed to realize this

dream. While they work smoothly when your product catalog and traffic is small,

trouble starts brewing when the real growth kicks in.

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23rd May 2020

Web App Development Process - 7 Critical Stages to Build Amazing Apps

Web apps are changing the way we work, get entertained, and interact with others. Web applications like Zoom, Netflix, and Canva have become household names but they wouldn't have achieved much if the applications were feature-scarce, loaded with bugs, and challenged performance-wise.

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22nd May 2020

COVID-19 Will Change Online Shopping Forever. Here's How.

Coronavirus has shaken the world economy to its roots. The way people used to dine, interact, and exist has seen a radical change in the last few months. So, it's quite understandable that online shopping is also going through a metamorphosis.

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